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Short Story Classics: Regret, By Kate Chopin

In Regret by Kate Chopin, we have the theme of loss, loneliness, detachment, commitment, love, independence, and responsibility. Taken from her A Night in Acadie collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator.

The Bazaar of The Blind: End

As Gregory nears the end of his ordeal, he finds he must fight for his life against creatures more horrible than any he's ever imagined.

Why You Should Take A Break From Writing And Not Feel Guilty

Many writers feel guilty if they take a break from their work. They think it means they aren't being productive or working towards their goals. But breaks are a natural part of the writing process. Here are some reasons why you should embrace the practice of taking breaks from your writing.

The Grand Show

The Grand Show Step right up, step right up, And step right in too. I welcome you heartily Into this […]

What You Want to Write VS What You Need to Write

For most writers who are just starting to get paid for their work, it can get pretty frustrating when you find yourself writing about things you're not comfortable with. But this isn't always a bad thing. Everything is a learning experience. Find out what you can learn when you try your hand at writing something new.

Pit Stop

An unnamed man of routine goes into his usual after work pit stop. But will he come out this time? Flash Friday fiction piece by Spencer Church.

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Two

In part two of this DPW original fiction series, our protagonist, Gregory Norstrom, finds himself navigating through a nightmare as he gets closer and closer to the entrance of The Bazaar of The Blind.

From The Crow’s Nest

A group of dishonorable pirates encounter a unknown ship in the middle of the dark waters off the West Indies. What does this ship want? And how can it be so fast?

The State of Diversity in Comics

Spencer Church gives us his opinion on the state of diversity in Marvel and DC's comic book universes, where it's heading, and in some cases how it's being forced upon its audience in a negative aspect..

The Bazaar of The Blind: Part Three

In part three of our ongoing horror story, Gregory Norstrom has finally entered the Bazaar of The Blind. What awaits him is a world of horror unlike anything he's ever seen.