As of now, DPW original writers Spencer Church and myself, Caleb James, have reached the halfway point of our first short stories collection. While the project is still unnamed, the majority of the cover art by Spencer is completed.

We have decided on a general theme for the book which will introduce each story (each story will have its own cover). The collection of stories range from pure horror, to the humorous and bizarre. Over the next few weeks we plan to post the synopsis and a few excerpts for each of the stories on here in better detail. But as of now we would like to show you the most basic outline for the stories we have completed or are near completion.


In no particular order, the stories are as follows:

Darkness and the Miner

This is the flagship for the whole book. It will be the longest story and kicks things off with a good dose of horror. It follows a man named Marty who thinks he is going on a harmless camping trip with his buddies. But unknown to him, something nefarious lurks in the shadows. He thinks it’s all in his imagination, but as he gets lost in a world of darkness and chaos, Marty loses track of what is real and what is a nightmare. As he desperately tries to find a way out, he only seems to go deeper and deeper into his newly blackened world.


This story dives head first into the world of the bizarre. It’s set in the 1970s with an unlikable pervert named Kevin looking for the best way to satisfy his unrelenting sexual urges. Being an incredibly unattractive man, he goes for the only thing available to him; porn. This leads him to buying an unreleased version of a Betamax player so he can watch dirty movies in the privacy of his disgusting apartment. Unfortunately, Kevin quickly learns these movies aren’t what he had anticipated when he finds himself on the wrong side of the TV screen.

Daily Rounds

Mr. Jones is the elderly live on site landlord at a small apartment complex. He is overdue for retirement and is actively seeking a replacement. During a routine day at the complex, a young man named Steve comes in to interview for the job. If only Steve knew that a routine day in this complex was anything but. Poor Steve realizes he may be in over his head after Mr. Jones takes him through the daily rounds. But by this time, it’s too late to back out.

For Your Convenience

Have you ever wondered what a gas station clerk does all day when the gas station is located in the middle of nowhere? Probably not. But in a small desert town when random folks start to go missing, people begin to suspect the lonely old gas station owner may know more than he’s letting on.

Sleeping Wide Awake

Imagine how terrifying it would be to wake up in a dark, cramped space after your own funeral. All is silent and you have no idea what is going on. These are the exact circumstances a very young man named Solomon finds himself in. Now he must find a way to escape is untimely tomb.


Corrupted Innocence

A demon possession is the kind of story that has been told countless times. But in all of those stories you never hear the demon’s side of things. In Corrupted Innocence you follow a demon as he tries to show a girl how much he loves her. Of course, this doesn’t go the way the demon plans. But from his point of view, he is unable to see how harmful his presence really is.

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