To fully enjoy life, one must be able to learn how to savor the little things. Of these little things, what’s more common than the ritual of morning coffee. It’s such a simplistic event in a person’s day—but it’s in this simplicity where we are able to take a break from the world and reflect.

Many go through the motions of this ritual without much thought. Yet, try to imagine missing it—forgetting it for a day. It’s absurd to think about purposely cutting out something you hold so dear. It’s even more ludicrous to imagine accidentally forgetting it. But why is it we stick to these kinds of daily rituals in the first place?

Is it the taste of the coffee that draws us in—with its bitter bite accompanied by that nutty sweetness? Perhaps it’s the slightly creamy texture of the liquid swirling in your mouth. Or the warmth that rises up from within after drinking it. Certainly the caffeine helps arouse the senses. There is a lot to enjoy about coffee, but is it really the drink itself that is so ingrained into our daily lives? Or is it the all too brief reprieve we get from life during the ritual that we hold so close?

The ancient Japanese held tea ceremonies as if they were an art form. The importance of these ceremonies wasn’t just the act of drinking tea of course. It was a way to connect—to relax in a way as to take one’s mind off life for a moment. It was a way to appreciate the beauty in everyday life—making sure to never stray too far from one’s own feelings.

That is what morning coffee means; being able to take time to yourself—just long enough to collect your thoughts and simply enjoy being. There doesn’t need to be a deeper meaning in this. Just like the coffee itself, it is perfectly fine to simply be.


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