For today, we have a different sort of fast and easy comic book review. Unlike our normal review process, this comic is only a five-page mini preview. Due to it being just five pages, we can only go on what we have seen thus far.


TMH (True Man of Honor) is written by Terrence Hancock and illustrated by Stefano Piga. Their story is about a young man named Jason George, an orphan who has grown up in Eastern City. Jason’s mother died while giving birth to him and his biological father is not in the picture (might possibly come up in future issues. I’m not sure). Through these hard times Jason manages to live a normal life, even while growing up in an orphanage. While at the orphanage, he is looked after by a friend of his father’s. Unknown to Jason, his absent father is a scientist on the run from “bad people who want his secrets.”

This is more or less the synopsis of the story that came with the five-page preview. Unfortunately, the preview starts with Dr. George (Jason’s father) and his work, but doesn’t actually introduce Jason at all.

Jason George Character Art
Jason George Character Art

The first panel of the first page opens with an open shot of Eastern City. The coloring is a mix of strange purples and blues on a roughly drawn cityscape. It looks to be that this comic is done mostly digital (which works in some panels but fails in ones like this). Then it skips right to Genysiz Labs, where Dr. George does his research.


The rest of the first page goes through the process of Dr. George playing around with some sort of “universal” vaccine. There is a panel showing folders lying on a desk with the words “plague research” and “plague symptoms” on them, giving a pretty good clue as what’s to come.

The second page introduces Dr. George’s assistant, Allan Williams. Dr. George is injecting some lab mice with the vaccine followed by some friendly banter between the two. Apparently Allan Williams is late for a date and must rush off.


The third page completely shifts gears and opens with a pretty cool shot of a planet floating out in space. We go to the second panel which is of a weird looking city with odd shaped buildings on a foreign planet (the coloring really works well for this shot).

We enter an underground tunnel where we see two people running away from what the dialogue says, are guards who will kill them if they are caught. We are then introduced to the two: a man with finely quaffed hair by the name of Marco, and a girl named Lila. They are brother and sister and must escape through something called the “crimson portal.”


The fourth page shifts gears for a third time, opening with a shot of Eastern City (this time looking more like Washington D.C.) We are brought into a inauguration looking panel with a man named Senator McCall answering questions from a crowd of reporters. He is apparently up for reelection and answering questions on many forms of big city topics (ex. crime, economy, etc.). Suddenly his secret service looking guys take him away in a car where he makes a phone call asking somebody to bring him Dr. George. You get the impression this senator is not a good man.


The opening panel of the final preview page is at Genysiz Labs and shows a dead mouse bleeding from the mouth. Dr. George is working on a white board when, who I think are the senators hired goons, come in and take Dr. George away. Allan Williams comes in and ask what’s going on. Dr. George tells him everything is okay and the men take him away. All the while Allan is eating popcorn and acting like a jackass. The final panel is of one of the men on a phone in a car telling somebody “we are in route.”

Well, this isn’t much to work on for a review. And sadly we aren’t introduced to Jason George. But from what I’ve seen from the TMH website, he looks pretty badass. As do what I believe are the villains.


  • The preview introduces an interesting plot to come.
  • The alien world seemed pretty cool and made you wanting to see more.
  • Seems like the story might have some neat twist and turns down the road.
  • Bright and vivid coloring.
  • There is an actual soundtrack for the book (which you should definitely check out).
  • There are also toys of the characters, well at least Jason George in costume.


  • Some of the dialogue is a bit stiff.
  • I feel as if the names and places air on the generic side.
  • The art and coloring could be a little more detailed and crisp. Especially for the cityscape scenes.
  • We are teased by awesome things to come but don’t get to see any of it in this preview.

Normally we give an out of five whiskey shots for our reviews, but I feel that it wouldn’t be fair to do that with this only being a preview. I believe this doesn’t really give much of a taste of what’s to come (I had to look on the website to really get excited for the product). I do think this will be something worth checking out once the full version is released. And I see both Terrence Handcock and Stefano Piga really improving as the series goes along. For a first foray into the comic book world, this is a very valiant effort.

Check out the full first issue November 22, 2016.

Writer: Terrence Hancock

Illustrated by: Stefano Piga

True Man of Honor mini preview

True Man of Honor Facebook

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