“A nightingale does not stop singing its beautiful song at the intrusion of an annoying woodpecker.”
―Suzy Kassem


Negativity has two major forms: it can be like a seed deeply planted, slowly growing over many years, until its a fully formed tree that shades the light from shining on the spot of loving Earth where it was initially planted, or it’s like a virus that rapidly spreads throughout a person’s being until nothing is left but the negativity—completely engulfing the person that once was.

The most common origin to negativity is the spoken word, or rather, the poorly written word as it’s known to be in the social media age. Whether we show it or not, we let words affect us more than the person speaking them ever intended.

It doesn’t take much for the darkness of negative thought, of self doubt, of our own insecurities to decay us from the inside out. It could stem from a political discussion gone awry, or a snarky, sarcastic remark to something we post on our personal pages, or even a benign comment from a loved one that rubs us the wrong way. Usually it’s the build up of all these little interactions that ultimately crumbles the structure from its base.

We have a habit of putting our notions of self-worth in the opinions of strangers. If they don’t agree with us, they are either idiots, or we are worthless. Most don’t allow themselves to appreciate opposing viewpoints, therefore everything is deemed a personal attack if it doesn’t coincide with their beliefs.

It’s really a shame how we view ourselves—how we are unable to admit when we are wrong. And more importantly, how we are unable to love ourselves when we are right. For that is what is sorely lacking in the human experience; love of one’s self.

It’s easy to sit here and tell others how they should ignore such negative moments in life, but it can never be so simple. If it were, everyone would be happy. But as cliche as it is, you really do have to learn to love yourself. You need to know that you’re actually worth a damn—that your opinions are important—that people out there can and will appreciate your mind.

So it is now I say, cast the cloak of negativity aside, and replace it with one crafted from love. But not the love and adoration of others, rather, it’s one of self appreciation you need to cover yourself with. Your mind is special; your thoughts are important. The things you do in this world matter; you matter. So never let anyone sink your heart into the darkness.




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