This story arc has been a Civil War tie-in, but not really: meaning it has the Civil War banner across the top of the book, but that’s about as far as the tie-in goes. Luckily, this appears to be the last issue that’s going to be tying into the event.


For anybody who hasn’t been reading this title, Spider-Man from 2099 has been in our time for a while now. He has a way back to his own time, but whenever he goes back things aren’t right, so he’s trying to figure out what went wrong in our time and fix it.


This whole story takes place back in 2099 where Spider Man is trying to save female Captain America (who is also stuck in our time after she went back to 2099 to try to find her husband). It is fun to see all the different interpretations of 2099 characters.

The art is really solid for this book; It’s stylized (which some people may not like, but I find it fits very well with the story). I’m pretty sure the artist, Will Sliney, has been on the book since the launch. So it’s kind of hard to picture the series without him on the art duties.


Now that this story arc is over with, I’m really looking forward to it getting back to the main Spider-Man story line instead of the Civil War mess it’s been forced into. I will say though, it’s pretty impressive how Peter David was able to make an entertaining story given the fact they got forced into an unneeded tie-in.

The book was not great, not bad, just a whole lot of okay.

I give this 3 out of 5 whiskey shots


Published: October 05, 2016 by Marvel Comics
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Peter David
Penciller: William Sliney
Cover Artist: Francesco Mattina

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