“KID FLASH OF TWO WORLDS!” In this single-issue tale, Wally West meets Wally West! The original Kid Flash meets his cousin for the very first time in this special issue, which continues The Flashes’ investigation into the events that began in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.


Before I can even get into the actual issue, I have to take a minute to talk about the cover to this comic. I just flat-out love this homage cover of Wally West from two different eras racing to save the Flash. A similar thing has happened on the Flash TV show recently, and this hasn’t been the first time this cover has been used obviously, but I just really like this version.

Okay, now with that out-of-the-way, let’s dive into the story. If you’re a fan of either Wally West (or both) this issues is for you. The interaction between the two is a lot of fun and does a good job of giving each of the West their own personally and voice. They could have easily made both a carbon copy of each other, but they are actually laying the ground work for these two characters to become their own unique speedster.


We have Jorge Corona doing the art for this issue: it’s more cartoon style, so I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the art on this book. It’s not that it’s really bad or anything, I just don’t think it fits well with this kind of story. The little parts of them doing speedster stuff was cool, but the majority of the story are the two Wally’s getting to know each other—and I just think that a different artist might have a better idea where to take the story art wise (and I don’t know who that would have been). I would like to see Mr. Corona work on something with a little action in it next time.

So to sum up, I really like this issue: the writing was spot on, and even with the art not up to what I was hoping, I still really enjoy this book. One thing I can really say about this story, the teaser at the end of this book is definitely making me want to race back to my LCS to pick up the next issue.

I giving this:

4 out of 5 whiskey shot


Variant cover by: Dave Johnson
Written by: Joshua Williamson
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Oct 26 2016
Volume/Issue #:9
Page Count:32

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