This piece (500 word flash fiction) is from a writing warm-up exercise I like to sometimes do. I completely clear my mind of all thought and distraction—then I just start typing: no topic in mind, no direction, no preconceived story ideas, nothing. I literally just start typing the first thing that pops into my head and take it from there.

For me, this is a really beneficial way to get my thought process working in a different manner. I often times have the problem of not being able to initially start, even if it’s a story I’m already in the middle of writing. It’s not a mental block or lack of ideas, I just can’t make myself get into the right mood. This exercise really helps me get over that by switching me into a writing mood without actually having to craft anything of great substance.

I highly recommend you guys try this the next time you feel like you just can’t get into your work. Anyway, I gave myself a ten minute deadline to come up with a 500 word flash fiction story. This is the unedited outcome of that. Now, I’m off to write an actual story. As always, keep writing!

DPW Editor-In-Chief

Caleb James

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