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2016 Pittsburgh Wizard World Coverage

What an odd event this turned out to be. This was DPW’s first official live event press coverage, and we went in with pretty high hopes. Unfortunately, I (Caleb James) got deathly ill Friday morning. So, this meant we were only able to cover Saturday, (instead of the whole weekend which we really would have liked) as that was the only day I was even remotely functional. I haven’t been sick in years, so go figure it would happen the weekend where I need to talk to people. Oh well, that’s life.

Now, to begin, we arrived at the event at 9:30 in the morning to get press credentials, and we proceeded to stay for the entirety of the event: which ended at 7:00 PM (note, I barely made it to the end due to coming down with the consumption, or whatever the hell mystery illness I was cursed with).


The con was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, and it’s an absolutely beautiful building. It’s extremely spacious, and the parking isn’t anywhere near as troublesome as other conventions we have been to.  I highly recommend checking out some events there.

Even with me being terribly ill and only able to attend the one day, we really had a blast. I’ve heard many people complain they think the ticket prices are too high, but it really depends on how much you value the venue.

For instance, my brother joined us (as this was his first Wizard World experience), and he is really reluctant to spend money on frivolous things; he loved it. His, as well as my, opinion is that we would much rather spend a few extra bucks on tickets if it means we have such a spacious, unobstructed environment for which to roam (more on that later).

Again, due to my sickness, we didn’t get the full experience we were planning for. Nor were we able to talk to as many people as we wanted to, (also, more on that later) but this really has our hopes up for being able to do even more in-depth coverage next year.

Convention center Pictures


David L. Lawrence Convention Center


View of the river from the inside


View of the river from the outside balcony


View of the river from the inside


View of the river from the outside balcony


Very cool outdoor fountain


Fountain lit up.

Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016 Overview
Main Floor
Talking to Creators
Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016
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