Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016 Overview


The first question you may be asking is why would DPW want to cover something like Wizard World? Or rather, what does this kind of event have to do with us? It’s simple really. Wizard World is full of creators.

Rather than focusing on the normal avenues most press cover (mainly celebrities and more celebrities) we actually went around to meet and speak with different independent authors, artist, and comic book creators. After all, that’s what were all about here; showcasing lesser known creators. But before we can properly get into that, I want to give a brief overview of the event itself (remember, we only covered Saturday this year).

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was a lack of traffic. This is extremely rare for Pittsburgh during any kind of event. We were even able to find parking almost immediately and were in the building within ten minutes of coming through the tunnels into Pittsburgh. That was quite a pleasant surprise.david-l-parking

The next great surprise came as soon as we entered the convention center. We rode the escalator up to the main floor and went over to the press desk/tickets booths. Now, we arrived 30 minutes before the event actually started, so we didn’t expect very long lines, but WW did a great job of making sure to have enough booths open that even if there were a ton of people, they wouldn’t be waiting long—we didn’t wait at all.

We explored the very spacious convention center and mapped the panels we were going to later, then entered the con at exactly ten o’clock. This is where thing’s started to get a little strange. Not strange bad, more like, day at the airport strange.

They had a double set security check: you had to empty your pockets into a bucket, let them go through your bags if you brought any, and went through a head to toe hand-held metal detector scan. I’ve never been through this at any convention before, and it’s not that it bothered me as I’d rather be save then sorry in such a large place, but it did cause one major inconvenience: half of the damn panels were upstairs, outside of the main floor with the security check.

What it felt like.

Meaning, you had to go through the whole security check again every time you went upstairs (really far up two floors and down a long hallway) and wanted to enter the main floor once again. I think the security check should have been set up near the ticket booths or something to avoid that. Of course, this probably didn’t bother the average con goer much as most of the upstairs panels were more educational type things.

Anyway, other than that small detail, I really liked the setup they had. As soon as you enter through the security check they had a main stage, concession area, and a DJ that played music whenever the stage was in use.

The main stage as viewed from the third floor hallway behind it.

They also had a really sweet Incredible Hulk Statue on the opposite side of a big Iron Man statue. Both very cool to see as you are about to enter the con main floor.

DPW creators Spencer Church (left) and Caleb James (right).
Don’t make him angry.
Convention Center
Main Floor
Talking to Creators
Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016


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