Main Floor

Once we entered the main floor and did a lap around, we noticed that not everyone was set up yet. James O’Barr, the creator of the Crow, who I’ve enjoyed talking to in the past was MIA—his assistant had no idea where he was and didn’t seem overly worried. I happened to mention to her that it didn’t seem very busy yet (was first thing in the morning so it shouldn’t have been anyway) and she told me it was already busier than it was all of Friday. That had me wondering what kind of crowd would be arriving later in the day.

About as busy as the con got all day.


This theme of nobody seeming to care about this particular day seemed odd, but there were many factors for this. For one, half of the celebrities that were suppose to be there either became Sunday only, or were just not there (Finn Baylor I think just did Photo ops all day so we never saw him).

This didn’t bother us as we didn’t come to talk with celebrities, unless they happened to be writers or artist. Of course, when it came to Mr. O’Barr, we never did get a chance to speak with him. I went to his booth much later in the day and he finally had arrived at some point, but he was sleeping, his assistant was gone, and he had a sign that said he forget his credit card machine. Something told me he didn’t feel like being at the event this particular Saturday. Fun fact: a person working the event came and checked on him, boldly announcing “Don’t worry, he’s not dead!” Like I said, odd day.

james o 'barr.png
James O’Barr is one of the coolest creators I’ve met. And no, he’s definitely not dead.

Also, there was a giant wedding dinner, really fancy too, held right underneath the panel rooms. There were literally suit and tie wedding guest walking through a bunch of cosplayers at any given time. It was very bizarre to see. If I were dressed to impress, and not near death physically, I may have tried to schmooze my way to the wedding after party.

I think Spencer and I could have pulled off a good wedding crash.
Convention Center
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