The gaming setup they had this year was very cool. At 11 they had the Tekken 7: King of the Iron Fist tournament pools at the gaming stage. Unfortunately, we had a panel that ran at the same time so we didn’t get to see the beginning of the tournament.

The gaming stage before any events had started.

Apparently Pittsburgh is the final city on the Tekken North American tour. So it was pretty cool being able to see all the gamer’s around. There was also a Smash Wii U challenge at two o’clock on the gaming stage that looked like a lot of fun.

Tekken 7 tournament underway.

I’m not a huge video game player these days, but the setup was really inclusive. They had a handful of different games spaced out and available to try out. We played everything—and may have gotten a little distracted from what we were at the con to do.

Spencer and my brother Rob not talking to people like we were supposed to.

Wizard World is more of an entertainment con than a comic con, so I found them wholeheartedly including the gaming community to be a really nice touch. This not only brings in more people to the event, but it’s a really nice way to keep people entertained without having to spend all of their money all at once; it’s so easy to spend an hour at a con and get bored, spend all your money, and just leave feeling disappointed. There’s only so many things you can see and do. So, I feel the gaming area filled in that void for certain people who don’t like going to panels and such.

Of course, not everyone enjoys Tekken.
But that’s okay, they had Street Fighter too.

A few more pictures of the gaming area 




Convention Center
Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016 Overview
Main Floor
Talking to Creators
Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016


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