Talking to Creators


This is where I was most disappointed. Not because there weren’t great creators to talk to, but rather, because I wasn’t able to talk to them. Since I was so sick, I was unable to really chat anyone up. I still did my rounds, listened to everyone’s pitches, and gave it my best effort to make some great connections, but it just wasn’t enough.

Our whole goal was to really talk to people and be able to do individual write ups on them. Luckily, everyone was really understanding, and I still plan on talking to many of the people we met through social media and by email. So, not all hope is lost. I just wish I could have been able to really discuss DPW and get some people on board in person. Hell, I even wore nice pants for this event!

Even though I couldn’t talk much, I was still able to show my support by buying some great books—and Spencer, who has done his own review of the event, got to talk to a good bit of artist and spent a lot of money supporting varying artist. So, I still call it a success.

Since we didn’t have great creator coverage, enjoy very angry Paul Giamatti.
Convention Center
Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016 Overview
Main Floor
Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016


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