Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016


Well, even though it ended on kind of a low note with the whole Crypt TV panel failing hard, in addition to me being unable to breathe all day, I can honestly say I had a great time. Not including the bothersome security check coupled with having to exit the security area for panels, I don’t really have much to complain about.

Sure, you can probably say ticket prices should be lower, or at least there should be more vendors and bigger name celebrities for the ticket price, but I feel having the freedom to move around without running into people more than makes up for it—not to mention the lack of junk vendors ( I only saw three or four).

In conclusion, I would love to be able to come back next year, and assuming my body isn’t half dead that weekend, be able to cover all three days much more in-depth. I especially want to be able to speak with creators and get some great interviews. I think that’s the main thing these big name cons are missing; focus on the creators.

On a final note: I’d just like to thank Jerry Milani for allowing us to cover the event. It was truly a pleasure. Here’s hoping for greater things next year.


DPW Editor-In-Chief

Caleb James

Random Pics From the Con

Spencer Church big pimpin’ in front of the Ninja Turtles.
Tom Savini, who is a really cool guy to talk to, wasn’t at this event. But he had a great booth set up for his special FX school.
This Sting comic is just wonderful.
Back to the Future Delorean.
“Cosmo Kramer, you are the ASSMAN”
Sweet ass Artie, World’s Strongest Man print.
James O’Barr. Not dead.
Spencer Church’s Fast and Easy Review of the Con
Convention Center
Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016 Overview
Main Floor
Talking to Creators
Final Thoughts On Pittsburgh Wizard World 2016


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