“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Art and feature image on this post are from Brian Wood’s comic series, DMZ

In these trying times, where we find ourselves with an uncertain future, it’s easy to let logic and rational thinking give way to emotion—thinking of others with differing views as the enemy—as something other than fellow Americans who also only want the best for their friends and family.

When we let emotion take over we stop thinking in terms of how to unite and progress as a nation. Instead, emotion leads us to focus on the negative—on what ultimately amounts to wasted energy and a means to further the divide between us.

Our hope for a better tomorrow will be sunk in the vast ocean of emotion, pitting us against one another in the struggle to reach the calm surface of rational thinking—using those of opposing views as a buoy to push ourselves up, instead of linking arms and rising up as a collective.

One man does not hold the power to break our spirit. One group cannot demoralize us, or hold us back from progress, or keep us from reaching our potential. The one thing we have always managed as a nation is that no matter the oppressor, we always march forward.

Whenever a group takes over and tries to change the beat of this country’s drum, we create a new beat—we use a new drum. We never let the ones full of hate, and bigotry, and greed steer the direction of this country. If we did, we wouldn’t have made such steady progress throughout our history. For when we are threatened to be taken back to worse times as a nation, we stand up, band together, and fight for a better future.

The revolution is all around us; you just have to open your eyes to see it. It’s not just movements like Black Lives Matter, or feminism, or LGBTQ rights, or Occupy Wall Street, it’s in our mindset—it’s in the way we no longer accept the injustices that have plagued us for so long. We can’t and won’t go backwards; there are far too many of us who refuse to let it happen.

You no longer need to be afraid, for there are always the good who will fight the wicked. When something comes along to threaten our way of life, we put our differences aside and come together for the greater good; no single entity can undo that cohesion. Only we, with our emotions too high and rational thinking cast aside, are able to destroy what we have for so long fought for; equality and freedom.

So, there is no need to be scared of the future. Not as long as we stand together as brother and sister—fighting together for a better nation—and more importantly, a better world.


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