“THE SPEED OF DARKNESS” part one! A villain from The Flash’s history returns for the first time in years when The Shade visits Central City. But what does Opal City’s master of shadow want with Barry Allen and the newly christened Kid Flash?


This issue begins a new story arc. It opens with Kid Flash taking on a new rogue that’s trying to take players of the actual rouge who left Central City a few issues back. Now, I don’t know if this new bad guy is a pre-existing Flash from before, or somebody that they just made new.

I really like how Joshua Williams keeps introducing these characters in funny new ways. The bickering between Flash and Kid Flash has been interesting, and I can’t wait until Kid Flash finally finds out who the Flash really is. I’m happy they acknowledge that Kid Flash has been spending time with the teen titans; he could have easily just ignored that so they wouldn’t have to deal with it.

Felipe Watanabe has done a fantastic job with this issue. He has probably been my favorite fill-in artist so far. He does a really good job of showing things in detail without it being too crowded and crammed. I would definitely love to see him get more work on this title.

This has been an all-around good issue; this title continues to be one of the first things I read every Wednesday. And with the introduction of some old characters, this story is shaping up to be really good.

I’m giving this issue:

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots.


Variant cover by: Dave Johnson
Written by: Joshua Williamson
 Series: THE FLASH 2016
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Nov 9 2016
Volume/Issue #: 10
  Page Count: 32

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