Sometimes in life, we feel the need to run away—run away from our problems, from our worries, our fears, or even the lives we have built for ourselves. The vary existence we have shaped and formed, yet cannot stand. But there is one thing we often times wish to run away from the most, but never can; ourselves.

When our world flips upside down we can escape—run away from it all. We can start a new life. Carve a new path. But no matter how much we want to, or how hard we try, we can never escape the person who stares back at us from the mirror. And that can be the scariest thing of all.

With this short story, I wanted to show what it’s like to be completely secluded, but still unable to feel peace. This is the story of a man, alone in the ocean, unable to run away from himself. Ultimately, he’s forced to face his mistakes, his fears, his regrets—and hopefully reconnect with his spirit.

DPW Editor-In-Chief

Caleb James

Drifting Away



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