“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

― Carl Sagan


How lovely it is that we are blessed with human consciousness—able to express ideas and thoughts on a whim. We are so fortunate in having the ability to fabricate, manipulate, and weave tales from nothing more than a spark of our imagination.

And what an incredible thing imagination is: we can’t see, smell, or feel it, yet it’s one of the most powerful attributes we have as a species. We are afforded the luxury of being able to reach into the black abyss of our minds, and pull out a handful of blinding white light in the form of thought.

This thought starts as no more than a basic construct of our experience on this Earth: an amalgamation of things we’ve learned and things we wish to learn. One tiny thought melds with another, and another, and another, until all these little inconsequential thoughts become one big idea.

The resulting fire in the form of an idea, created from those tiny thought sparks, has the potential to light one’s way—or leave their path burned into ash. It all depends how one uses that idea—how they let the idea form, and shape, and build into something useful.

Of course, one could simply let the idea escape them—break away from its tether to the mind and float aimlessly in space until it eventually fades away into the distance, never to be thought of again.

But if one chooses to keep the idea, to lock it away in their vault of imagination, they’ll have it stored safely for whenever the time is right to use it; assuming that time ever comes. Some ideas are never meant to be unleashed upon the world—and sometimes, those ideas get unleashed anyway. Often times resulting in nefarious actions from the creator. Luckily, this isn’t a common occurrence.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have those wonderful ideas that never get unleashed upon the world; they remain locked away indefinitely. Perhaps the creator fears putting the idea into action. Maybe a certain level of laziness has taken hold. Or, regretfully, it’s quite possible the creators life just doesn’t last long enough due to various reasons. But, there’s one far more upsetting reason a world changing idea may not ever be set free from the creators mind; it is never allowed to form.

A beautiful idea, such as one leading to the cure for cancer, may reside in the mind of a child, lost somewhere in this mad world—struggling to survive—and therefore unable to gain the experience needed to create the thought sparks to begin with. They may hold the key to unlock the idea that changes history—but without that spark, without the knowledge needed to start the initial blaze that illuminates the path towards unique thought, the beautiful idea will never be discovered.

This is the downfall of human consciousness: not discarding of the idea, or the snuffing out of it’s bright flame, but the inability for the idea to be formed by the only person capable of creating it.

Imagine if one Nikola Tesla was born in some lost jungle and never learned of civilization—or Albert Einstein grew up in a tiny village where he was forced to perform farm work instead of being allowed to read or attend school. We would have missed out on so many monumental achievements in human history. But the sad thing is, we still have.

So many beautiful minds have been lost to us; unable to be properly formed or utilized. This is the true destruction of modern creation. Too many imaginations are never able to grow and fulfill their purpose in this world.

Sadder still, many of us hold the torches to light up our minds, but we fail to simply raise the torch up to cast away the darkness; giving us the ability to see and tap into our imagination whenever we want—ultimately leading us to wield the sword capable of cutting through the barriers keeping human progress at bay—and we simply misuse this gifts we call imagination.

Do not waste your potential on frivolous pursuits. You may be holding the key to unlock the next great idea—the idea that will change the world. But you’ll never know if choose to stay in the dark; unable to even see the lock.

So, even if you’re unsure of yourself or your abilities, you must try. You must let those tiny thought sparks ignite the fire within your mind. You must follow the path your imagination illuminates before you. And most importantly, you must let your beautiful imagination be shown to all who are deserving of basking in it’s magnificence.




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