Oh man. Where do I even begin? You ever plan on doing something of importance, only to fuck off until the very last minute. This seems to be a reoccurring problem for me as of late. It’s not even a problem of focus or distraction, just me avoiding work for no good reason.


Here’s what I’m supposed to be working on:

  • A fitness article for a site that actually pays me for my work: due last Monday.
  • Finishing the short story collection I’ve been working on with DPW associate editor, Spencer Church: was supposed to be done and in print around Halloween 2016.
  • A short story for DPW: no set date but have been planning to write it since the summer.
  • Setting up a social media manager app for DPW so we can grow and run at a much more efficient rate: should have been done months ago.
  • Writing my debut novel “Tomato Can”: wanted to begin writing it before Christmas.
  • Editing and publishing submissions from you wonderful folks.

Here’s what I am doing:

  • Drinking Nitro Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery.
  • Wishing I had whiskey to be drinking instead.
  • Bothering people on Twitter.
  • Ignoring Facebook.
  • Watching the ever so awesome show, Black Mirror.
  • Writing this, even though it was never in my plans. Meaning I’m writing this as a form of procrastinating from doing my other work.

Perhaps this would be a good time to discuss ways to counteract procrastination. Of course, if I were to do that, then I would also have to do some research on the best ways to accomplish this feat. And honestly, that’s way down on the list of things I want to do.

But, maybe it’s possible that some of you who are reading this (if you are still reading this) are simply doing so because you’re procrastinating from doing something of importance as well.

bored at work 2.jpg
We all have things we’d rather do than work.

While it’s never a good idea to make it a habit of procrastinating, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing every time you do it. Sometimes we procrastinate because our minds have been working on overdrive far too much and need a break. Or, we might just drink too damn much.

Ah fudge hammers! This beer is not making me nearly buzzed up enough to justify writing such a pointless, stupid article. So I’ll go ahead and give a few pointers on how to fight procrastinating. Just don’t expect this to be great.

Me as I’m thinking about writing this.

1. Take a Short Walk

Taking a short walk can boost your productivity by up to 20%. Unlike booze, it can help clear your mind and create a low activity induced flow state.

2. Get Rid of Interruptions

This is a big problem for many of us; especially those of us with kids. I know for me, every time I seem to get into a real good writing zone, my crazy ass dog decides to start acting up. He steals things from around the house until I pay attention to him. I can only imagine how problematic children would be.

I suggest creating a writing space; a place where others know not to bother you. Even if it’s just an hour without interruption, you’ll be amazed at how much work you can accomplish when you aren’t constantly bothered.

3. Prioritize One Thing at a Time

You must create a list of things you need to accomplish in a day and in order of importance. Focus on knocking one thing out at a time instead of struggling to juggle multiple things at once.

If you set your schedule up properly and hit your goals regularly, you’ll become much more efficient at getting things done. And with things listed in an order of importance, you can feel like you accomplished much more by the end of the day even if you didn’t finish everything. This is because the important things will be out of the way when you decide to finish the rest of what needs done.

4. Remove Distractions

This goes alongside ridding yourself of interruptions. The difference being, interruptions are distractions from outside sources, while regular distractions are of your own making. This means: shut off your phone, stay off social media, turn off the TV, and go to your writing space where you can work in peace.

Once you accomplish what you needed to, you can go ahead and jump back into the world of noise and pretty colors.

5. Treat Yourself

Like a Swedish massage from a sexy blonde woman? No. Yes. Well, it depends. You should set yourself up with small rewards for accomplishing certain projects. Especially if they are difficult and most likely something you would normally procrastinate on doing.

The rewards can be whatever you want as long as it keeps you motivated. Almost anything. Breaking Bad style blue meth is probably a bad incentive to get work done in the future. Probably.

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