Me as I think about finishing this article.

6. Break Down Large Projects

You should break down larger projects to more manageable task. This way you won’t feel so overwhelmed and will be less likely to put the work off.

7. Figure Out What Your Peak Time of Day is

Finding out what time of day you’re most productive is the best way to maximize your work efficiency. A great way to do this when it comes to writing is tailor your schedule to times of the day where others are asleep. For many, early morning works best. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a night owl either.

8. Download Some Helpful Apps

When it comes to distraction, there are a few things technology can help with. Apps like Selfcontrol keep you from checking your social media while you’re working. And since social media is one of the biggest distractions to writers, the app can be a real lifesaver.

9. Challenge Yourself

Creating specific challenges is a great way to motivate yourself to finish your work. It can be something simple like a specific word count you’d like to hit within a set time, or more serious like knocking out a complete chapter as quickly as possible. Have fun with it and work won’t seem like, well, work.

10. Take Short Breaks

This sounds like it could lead to further procrastination but trust me, it can be very helpful. Letting your brain and eyes relax every once in a while will prolong your writing time in a good way. Aim to work for 30 minutes followed by a five-minute break. Nothing major, just enough for a quick recharge.

11. Keep Yourself Accountable

This is very important in accomplishing work in a timely manner. Give yourself a deadline and stick to it. The best way to do this is by telling another person about your deadline. This will help you want to follow through.

12. Use the Under Ten-Minute Rule

This means that if there is a task that takes less than ten minutes to complete, you should knock it out right away and move on.

13. Get Enough Sleep

This is what destroys my productivity. You need to sleep enough in order to have your brain ready to complete the task at hand. I know for me, the more tired I am, the more I procrastinate. This is something really hard for writers, but you must get enough sleep.

14. Remind Yourself Why

When staring down a big project, remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. “Why am I trying to write this book?” If it’s something you really want to do, you’ll convince yourself to finish it.

15. Do the Boring Parts First

Other than editing, there are a lot of boring parts of writing that you can knock out right away; leaving you all the fun stuff to do for last. I’m talking about story boards, character trait list, chapter setups, story themes. All that not so fun stuff that isn’t the actual writing of the story. The sooner you get those out of the way, the sooner you can enjoy the work ahead. Other than editing of course.


I have no closing remarks for this article—other than i didn’t drink enough to make this all that funny, but I did drink too much to make it more informative or well written. I can’t wait to get more whiskey. Now,


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