Well, it’s a new year. That means it’s a fresh start for writers to write and readers to read. Being the start of 2017, we are now officially opening up the 50 Words or Less Fiction Contest we teased some time back.

The rules for this contest are quite simple: 

  • You can write and send us up to five 50-word-or-less fiction pieces.
  • Each piece you write must be on one of the following themes: space and time, romance, or horror/gore.
  • You can do one piece on each theme, all pieces on just one theme, or mix it up however you like.
  • The themes aren’t strictly enforced, but rather a guideline your story should follow.

All pieces worth sharing will be published on the site: with the chosen winner getting a full write up on them, their other work, (ex. novels, blogs, websites etc…) and will get to do a Q&A with us.

The great thing about about 50 word stories is that it’s not time consuming, yet it still provides a fun challenge. We are aiming to publish all work at the end of the month. But depending on the amount of submissions, it may go on longer.

So, have fun. We can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Send all submissions to drunkenpenwriting@gmail.com 

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