This is a piece I wrote for a literary magazine over the summer. The theme was “Nostalgia” and they were looking for experimental fiction. Unfortunately, my piece wasn’t selected.

Last week they sent me an email stating that they had selected all the other pieces before mine was even read, but that I should submit it to a literary contest they are hosting. I don’t know if they were just being nice, but it does seem plausible as I submitted literally on the last possible day of them accepting work. I think it’s also plausible that I just used too many adverbs haha (40 t0 be exact).

Anyway, I’m still not sure what experimental nostalgia is. Or if I successfully wrote about it. But my story is experimental, that’s for sure. I played with the idea of using flashbacks to show vivid memories that contrast with a woman’s currently boring and unfulfilling life.

The whole thing is from a girl’s point of view. So again, I’m not sure if I successfully wrote that well either. This was still fun to write, though. I just wish the theme was something that interested me more. Still, I hope you folks enjoy this piece. And feel free to leave some feedback (even if it’s negative. I didn’t invest much time or put a lot of effort into this, so it won’t hurt my feelings).

DPW Editor-In-Chief

Caleb James

Scattered Thoughts

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