A warmth rose from deep within my chest and traveled throughout my body; extending to my fingers and toes. I could feel a calm breeze wash over me as I sat in silence. A small, round object hovered in the sky. It was darker than anything I’ve ever seen.

I reached out to this mysterious orb. Stretching and stretching, it seemed to always just be out of reach. I stood up, the world was bright and green—the sky unusually vivid. The orb seemed to pull away from me. But I managed to touch the tip of my finger to it. Then the entirety of the universe suddenly unfolded before me.

Gone were the pleasant sounds of singing birds. No more was the bright sunlight. Instead, my world was replaced by dark hues of blues and purples, swirling through a star filled sky. The sensation of weightlessness took over as my eyes got lost in the stars. The sounds of the cosmos rang out to me—called to me. I was no longer standing on top of the Earth.

Alone. On all sides of me the universe stretched on infinitely. But I was alone. The cosmic wind faded away, and silence filled the vacuum of space. In one moment I could see everything that ever was and ever would be. All space and time pulled inward and became my eyes.

I became the creator of all things being. The universe was now trapped inside of me—peering out from my eyes into and endless, black void. An immense power of which I’ve never felt before took over me. In that moment, nothing was impossible. Then, just as suddenly as it occurred, the world turned back to normal.

I awoke beneath a large oak tree in the park. It was all a dream. But it felt realer than anything I’ve ever experienced in this world.


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