The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years. A master of countless weapons and long forgotten martial arts, he is guided by the Geomancers – those who speak for the Earth. During his long watch, the Eternal Warrior has failed three times. Each time, the Geomancer was killed…and a new dark age for humanity began. Each time, he was unable to stop The Immortal Enemy – a monstrous force of nature. A civilization killer. A horror that appears differently each time it arrives…and whose seemingly only purpose is to bring disorder and darkness to the world. Now, the time has come for The Immortal Enemy to return once more. But, this time, the Eternal Warrior will be ready. This time, he has a force greater than any single warrior. This time, he has…THE VALIANT.


I’m starting a new weekly (or whenever I have the time) book recommendations series. For the most part, I’ll being giving my recommendations for different comic series and graphic novels. With that being said, this week’s recommendation is The Valiant, by Valiant Entertainment.

This miniseries pits the heroes from the Valiant Universe against the Immortal Enemy (one of the Eternal Warrior’s greatest foes) to protect the newest Geomancer. The Valiant is one of those event series that brings a lot of the universe together against a common threat. If you have read and liked any of the Unity stories Valiant has put out, I’d say this is up right your alley.

the valiant fight.jpg
The group fight is really fun.

At first glance, you might think this is just like any other event series that occurs in other comic book publishers’ crossovers (such as the endless Marvel events, made simply to milk every last dollar from their fan base). But what is really nice about most of Valiant’s crossovers, especially this particular one, is the whole story is contained in just four issues; there are no tie-ins or any of that mess to deal with. Note: other Valiant events tend to have one shot character tie-in issues, but they are done very well.

I know I might come off sounding a bit like a valiant fanboy here, but there’s not much in this trade that I don’t like. The only complaint I could really make is that maybe, if you’re not quite familiar with this universe, you might be a little confused about everything going on at first; but I don’t think that should really be much of an issue since they do such a good job telling this story.

Bloodshot the valiant.jpg
For those who don’t read Valiant books, they give brief bios for the characters and do a good job of telling you about them without messing up the flow of the story.

Now, I have been on a bit of a Valiant kick lately; getting caught up on a lot of their universe. So, when I came across this story, it was a real joy to see so many of these Valiant characters interacting with each other. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Valiant Universe, I believe this trade is a good jumping on point; for someone who hasn’t read a lot of their stuff, they do an amazing job of introducing you to each character.

I’m not sure what more I could say about The Valiant without sounding like they’ve paid me to hype up the book (which wouldn’t make sense seeing as it’s been out for a couple of years now). The only other thing worth mentioning is how great the creative team on this book was. You have two awesome writers in Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire. Then you get them working with the two amazingly talented artists Paolo Rivera and Joe Rivera. If you’re a fan of any, or all of these creators, you really need to give this book a read.

the valiant monster.jpg
The Immortal Enemy is a really cool, horror story-like villain.
  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt
  • Penciler: Paolo Rivera
  • Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera, Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt, Francesco Francavilla
  • Editor: Warren Simons, Kyle Andrukiewicz
  • Book Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

valiant logo.png


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