dark tunnel.jpg

Hypocrisy shadows thee

Like a great over-seer.

Neglecting to notice the bloody tears

Which fall steadily into the river below.

A great many have perished in the depths,

Trying to cleanse blood with blood.

Groping blindly in the shadows,

Weighed down by the hypocrite’s oath of

Do as I Say, Not as I Do.

Weaving together each thread with patience

And love. Love of destruction and

Mass misery; an anti-christ charity.

Those who survive the depths

do so only by a narrow margin,

brought on by the comfortable calling

of shallowness.

The rest endure a more prolonged suffering;

Choking on the mugginess of an atmosphere

Too thick to breathe, too tainted to absorb.

A life too mangled by others to live.

A speech too infested with hypocrisy to believe.

As one’s life is eclipsed by such a shadow,

It’s no surprise that blindness prevails.

In the darkness, many are trampled

and tossed into unmarked graves.

Funerals are then attended by the scavengers

Who want it all and have it all

Yet are too clouded to notice.

The grave sites are soon washed away,

As the river of blood shed’s its tears.

Screams erupt from the bowels of eternity,

Howling apologies for abusing the right of others

To be others, instead of mindless drones,

Who may have bowed down to thee

If the inferno had not shed light inside

The shadow encrusted canyon.

Full of defeat,

The flames lick at open wounds;

They’ll never heal, only continue to bubble over

With festering hate.

And eternity of anguish deserving for a

Lifetime of judging those deemed unworthy.

The race for the finish line was won,

But, blinded by that shadow still,

Many were sliced apart to reach it.

Too many precious souls were disregarded,

And in that regard, you’re now held in the lowest regards.

Choked by the shadow

Just to drown in the river

Which can never douse the flames that eat you

dark candle




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