Saturday Overview

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10 Am Opening

Saturday started off pretty good. We had breakfast at the hotel and headed to the show right after. Since we were press, we received plastic wristbands so we wouldn’t have to check in anymore. This was nice because the lines were much longer this day.

The show floor was still more or less empty when we got there, but everyone was just waiting to get in. Our first panel didn’t start until 11:30 (the con opened at ten) so we had time to mingle with some cool people beforehand.

These men are leading them to the promised land.

The Floor

While it wasn’t incredibly busy right off the bat, things started picking up rather quickly. People were coming in left and right, yet everyone had a smile on their face. I’ve never been to a con where so many people looked so happy.

During some of our many trips around the floor on Saturday we got to speak to a lot of the vendors. I’m going to post all that info on The Talking With creators page. But we got to meet some very interesting individuals. The artwork in particular was stupendous at this show. All in all, I don’t think they could’ve gotten so many quality vendors if the show didn’t already have a good reputation.

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Random Sights

Spencer and I spent most of the day in and out of panels, but we probably each spent a total of two or three hours on the main floor throughout the day. There were plenty of neat things and strange/cool people to see. And we even got to catch different shows and events randomly throughout the day.

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Another Celebrity Incident

While this was way less scary than Lou Ferrigno trying to mow me down, this probably could’ve ended with me getting beat up. The celebrity autograph booths were setup right in the middle of the main floor. And there wasn’t really anything other than security keeping people from the celebrities. So, at times it was very congested in this area.

During peak congestion, (I believe Kurt Angle was about to do a signing) I happened to push through a crowd of obese Wolverines and damn near ran Millie Bobby Brown right over. If you haven’t seen her in real life, she’s just a little kid.

I imagine this was her face when she saw the crowds.

Luckily, I manged to stop before running into her. And she gave me the nicest “excuse me, sir” in her little British accent. I smiled and was about to go the other way when a huge security guard stepped in front of me.

I’m pretty sure the guy wanted a reason to hit someone, as he seemed very annoyed, but I just smiled and kept on my way. It was very bizarre and I’m glad I didn’t accidentally wreck a famous child actor. That probably would look bad on my resume. Anyway, she was very popular at this show. I was kind of surprised.

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After The Show

Sad to say, after the show we just went back to the hotel. It was around seven and the weather was pretty dookie-like. So, we did what we do best; drink and write. Well, I did most of the drinking. I brought my fancy DPW flask full of delicious Knob Creek rye whiskey. Yum!

We did try to get the hotel dinner, but there were so many people that were either there from St. Patrick’s Day or for the con. I ended up not even getting the free booze and had salad and Alfredo for dinner. Spencer had it worse; he only managed to snag a baked potato. Such is life.

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