Sunday Overview

wwclsun U.jpg
Seriously, does Cthulhu live in Cleveland? This is what it looked like everyday.

10 AM Opening

We had a pretty hectic start to our day. We ate breakfast in the overly busy hotel cafe. Then we grabbed our stuff and proceeded to check out. So far so good. But then it was time to get our rental car. It wasn’t quite ten yet and we had the valet bring the car to us. But this put us in a bit of a pickle.

You see, our scheduled checkout was at 11, (we checked out early so we could make the opening of the con) but we needed a place to park until the show was over. But low and behold, there was an unattended private event parking lot right across from our hotel. I still wonder if we could’ve just parked there all weekend. Either way, we made the show without issue.

Every time I try to remember what Cleveland looks like this is all I see (minus Cthulhu).

The Floor

We had some time to kill before our first panels, so we went and talked to some more people. We’d already did our fair share of schmoozing the days before, and we were kind of tired of talking.

I bought a bunch of books, as did Spencer. He also got a commission and some prints off a really amazing artist named Jeremiah Schmidt—who we’ll talk about later. Also, we like to support indie artist and writers, so we’ll be doing write-ups on those folks at a later time as well. But we will mention some on the Talking With Creators page.

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More Events

We attended a few more panels throughout the day and checked out what was happening on the floor every few hours. This day seemed much more relaxed than the previous one. Which meant it was a perfect opportunity to go get my revenge on Lou Ferrigno!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find Mr. Hulk Smash, so I just resorted to beating up Gene Simmons…poster the girls kept handing out every time you entered the main floor. It was really manly, trust me. The paper was super thick. You’d be impressed if you saw me tear it up. Hey, how about more pictures of the Floor!?

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Sunday Overview

Event Panels

Talking with Creators

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