Talking With Creators

Somebody left this lonely box.

As we bring our trip to a close, I want to give a brief overview of some of the great creators we’ve talked to. Below will be a list of names and some links where you can find these awesome people.

Hopefully we’ll get to come back next year. This con was a blast. Also, a big thanks to all you guys reading, and an even bigger thank you to Wizard World and Jerry Milani for letting us cover this event. You guys are awesome!

Jeremiah Schmidt


Jeremiah Schmidt is an cartoonist, illustrator, comic book artist, and game designer from West Central Ohio and is the recipient of multiple national art awards. He began his art career as a portrait and fine artist apprenticing under Ethel Pontzler “The Angel Lady,” but by his love of gaming and comics found his way into the world of comic, fantasy, and pop art. His art has been featured in several galleries and shows through Ohio and Indiana.

Currently, Jeremiah is in the development stage of designing a deck building game, designing the art and layout for a graphic novel based on original comic book characters developed by writer Nikki Schmidt, and just released a limited edition book of “ Heroes and Villains” featuring his original art of pop cultures favorites.

See his work on his Instagram page.

Crystal Tiger Dice


Crystal Tiger Dice is a highly competitive game of skill!

For two or more players. Take turns rolling any combination of pieces adding your score up to 100. If you go over 100, you go back to 50. If you roll your tiger belly up, it’s dead, and that player can not use the tiger piece the rest of the game. Most important: have fun, win and use your mind powers and imagination!

Point Values:

crystal – 1 (side) or 5 (pyramid)

tiger – 2 (side), 10 (standing), or dead (belly up)

dice – face value

Extinction Rule: If all players kill their tiger, no one wins. The game is over.

Greg Wright: Source Point Press


GREG WRIGHT has created comics for several anthologies, and he co-created the comic book series Last Monster Standing with Survivor’s Erik Reichenbach. He earned a Ph.D. in American Literature and Film from Michigan State, and his award-winning fiction has appeared in a variety of journals. He has taught screenwriting, media studies, creative writing, and composition.

If he had a castle with a secret passage, he’d probably tell everybody and make it just a regular passage.

Check him out at Monstrous World, Facebook, and Source Point Press.

Dirk Manning

dirk write

DIRK MANNING is best known as the writer/creator of comic series such as TALES OF MR. RHEE (Devil’s Due Publishing) and NIGHTMARE WORLD (Image Comics/Shadowline). Dirk is also the author of the ongoing inspirational column/book collection WRITE OR WRONG: A WRITER’S GUIDE TO CREATING COMICS (Caliber/Bleeding Cool). More of Dirk’s gripping and exciting stories can be read in comic titles such as DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and LOVE STORIES (TO DIE FOR) (Image Comics/Shadowline) and THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST (Aspen/Big Dog Ink) among various other anthologies. He always has copies of his work with him at his table and autographs/book signings are always free!

Check Dirk out at, Facebook, and Instagram.

Victor Dandridge

victor 2

Writer of The Samaritan, The Trouble w/Love, the Origins Unknown series and the anthology novel, 8 Mins, Victor Dandridge is a leading, new voice for innovation and production within the self-publishing market.  He’s found acclaim with his own imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, spearheading the release of more than 10 projects, both in print and digital formats, in it’s first year of publication.  Wanting not only to entertain, but also to educate, Victor launched his U Cre-8 Comics line — a unique bridge between comics and classroom fundamentals.

Check him out at and Instagram.

A Few Other Creators

S.I. Hayes: Writer of erotica and romance. You can check her out here.

Jesse Rubenfeld: A very talented illustrator. Check him out here.

Dreamer Publishing: Comic creator. Check him out here.

Emily Zzalkowski: Check her out here.

Al Abbazia: Artist. Check him out here.

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If you enjoyed this, share it. And if you’d like, you can check out our coverage from Last year’s Wizard World in Pittsburgh. Thanks again for reading.

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Talking with Creators



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