In my past I did

-God forbid I did-

Did ’til I did not,

Possibly forgot?

That crops up a lot.

But I didn’t, that I vow.

Impart my thoughts upon you now,

‘Tis a pity again to say

This constant yarn I twist astray,

Away I ran with such dismay,

Flow of blood on this display,

But away it would not stay,

Slay I say, just slay today,

Slay this disarray of clay.

Clay that was past skin,

Was past soul,

Was past long lost thought control.

Was past

Just past,

Bypass that past.



Surpass third class,

Whilst mass will last through brass and sass,

You spot that I’m still crass,

And still chomp on glass,

For in no way shall vary,

Notwithstanding things contrary.

So without accounting my past actions,

Ignoring distractions of all factions,

And passing options of infractions

Attracting attractions of transactions–

Drawing away now from said topic,

In which I find I am myopic.

It shall not count-my history,

Your palmistry, my ministry,

Or anything also almost said

My point is this,

I am not d-

What? I thought

But I brought

Naught to this board,

So fall down on my sword

For a four month plan again,

Dying and sighing in crying disdain,

Drowning in shadows of things to stay.

dangerous conditions.jpg


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