For those of you wondering who Hotshot is, he’s about to be your new favorite superhero!

Hotshot via World Of Black Heroes

Coming from the minds of Michael Watson and Victor Dandridge is a really cool new superhero–who just so happens to be the protector of Columbus OH.

The main protagonist, Mike, is a college student who has newly discovered super powers. Add this on top of his personal and scholastic life, and you get an organically driven action drama.  

hotshot 3.jpg
Via Wold Of Black Heroes

As you could imagine, it would be hard to juggle being a new superhero while keeping a girlfriend–and trying not to lose your scholarship at the local Art College. But to give you some more information, check out this quick character bio.

Created by: Michael Watson

1st appearance: Hotshot #1 2005 July

Nationality: American

Weight: 140 lbs    Height: 5’7

Eyes: Amber           Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown
Powers: Flight, Strength, Durability, Heat Blast, Super Human Speed

After the tragic Zero Event, Mike saw his favorite hero, Justice die at the hands of long time arch enemy Nemesis. Not only that but with the rest of the super human population disappearing Mike found himself awake with new found powers. he did not know where they came from nor did he care he knew he needed to step up and fill the void of missing heroes. He started while he was in high school at the Cleveland School of Arts. Once graduated and into college he moved the hero endeavors to Columbus, Ohio where he attends college The Columbus College of Art and Design. Now he is a key hero in the protection of the city while trying to juggle his hectic life as a college student. The questions are starting to pop up, why did he get these powers, where did they come from and what can he really do?

hotshot 4.jpg
Hotshot via World Of Black Heroes

This title is like some of the classic comics in how it’s just fun and super enjoyable to read. It kind of reminds me of the classic Spider-Man stories in having the protagonist deal with all of these personal problems, while trying to protect his city at the same time. If you’re looking for a character driven story with just the right amount of action, Hotshot is the book for you.  

But it’s not just the story that’s really good;  The art for this comic is top notch as well. With really good panel layouts and big action scenes, there’s a lot going on. Now, what I really liked was the designs of the characters; Hotshot’s costume is especially awesome looking.

Hotshot via World Of Black Heroes

As I touched on before, the writing in this book is engaging and well done. Each of the characters have their own unique voice that helps you to get to know them. They are fleshed out well and the reader will feel connected to them by the end of the story arc.

One of the only downsides for me is during a part of this volume, some other inkers and colorist come in. It’s not they do a bad job or anything, I just feel the abrupt change can be a little jarring. The style change can throw you off a bit, but you’ll have that when it comes to indie comics.

hotshot panel.jpg
Panel via Freestyle Komics

If you’re a fan of the indie comic scene, you’ll  want to give this book a try. Hell, if you’re just into good comics at all, you’ll have to give this a read. And the best part, this is part of a bigger connected universe. So, there’s more where this came from; you only get a taste of the universe in this book.

To wrap this up, you need to give this book a read. If you don’t, you’ll really be missing out. It has a great story, awesome art, and will leave you wanting more. If you get a chance to meet the creators at your local comic book convention, I highly recommend you stop to have a chat with them–you won’t be sorry.

Hotshot Vol 1: A Hero’s Welcome gets…

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots

Hotshot TPB Cover
Hotshot cover via Vantage In House

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