Cover art by Christopher Balaskas

dark stairs.jpg

Enter the musty chamber,
Where all passage ceased,
So many years ago.
Dust covered walls,
Continues to the floors,
Except for faint memories
Of footfalls
Which once traveled
Seventeen steps below.
Descend into the darkness,
Step after step after step,
Forgotten is the past of
Seventeen steps ago.
Cross the threshold,
Into the murky dungeon.
Silence thick with malice,
Hovering about; haunting.
Decayed stench of feigned glories,
Surrounding, suffocating, strangling.
Can you feel it when you breathe?
Inhale the history,
Find yourself shackled
To the torment
That refuses to die.
The blood runs thick and black
Down the walls,
Through every crack and crevice,
Seeking you out,
It’s drawn to you, to your aura,
To your very soul.
Seventeen steps below,
Six feet under,
Dirt upon dirt,
Pain upon pain,
Seventeen steps, never again.

dirt room.jpg

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