Cover art by Shabow


A delicate whisper is in the air,
Floating through the tall summer grasses,
And into the ear of the child by the shore.
Come and dance…
Come and play…
Close your eyes to all of today…. 

The tide is slowly wandering out,
As the child drifts away.
Leaving footfalls pressed into the sand,
Memories that quickly fade away.
Up the sandy shore, he strolls,
Leaving sea shells over-turned
And over-looked,
Never breaking stride,
The wind murmurs at his side.
To live amongst the grasses…
To live amongst the trees…
A silent offering aimed to please….

The air smells bright and sweet,
And is gentle to the touch,
Soothing, it calls to him,
Moving, it welcomes him,
Into its open heart,
So many worlds apart,
From this one.
He steps lightly into the tall grasses,
And breathes softly,
Feeling the hush
That calms his unmarked soul.
He slips easily into this universe,
Shedding the afflictions of before,
Blink by blink, of his tear stained eyes.
He drops silently to the ground,
And sighs the deepest of sighs,
As the grasses envelope him,
And softly they speak,
The spirits called down to you…
The spirits surrounded you…
The spirits are one with you…. 

Forever more, he’ll live in peace.
Never walking the shores of grief.
Much too young, to have felt such pain,
The spirits said,
Never again.


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