“Oh, this has been a long time coming.”

business finger.jpg

The elevator opens and Will steps out into the main hallway of the marketing company he’s worked at for the last five years. This is Will’s last day. Too bad nobody else knows it.

Before he gets to the main work area, he runs into Joe—a co-worker who’s sat across from him for six months. Poor Joe has no idea what’s in store for him; he doesn’t even get a morning greeting out before Will slugs him right in the face—dropping Joe to his knees.

“That’s for always humming the theme song to Friends! Will’s pent up rage is out of control. It’s clear to everyone that this has been building for a long time. “It’s a shit song to begin with!”

With Jim sitting dumbfounded, bruised and bloodied upon the ground, Will rushes to the break room—where he hopes to find more people who are on his list. His time is running short.

A stroke of luck, both Peter and Steve are there. Will walks over to Peter, who’s rummaging through the refrigerator. Right as Peter turns around, Will punches him in the jaw. A fountain of blood erupts from the corner of Peter’s mouth.

“That’s for always eating my lunch, you fuck!” Will points to the sandwich in Peter’s hand. “I bet that isn’t even yours.”

This causes people to gather around the two of them—including Steve, who’s made his way to the front of the crowd. Will turns around just in time to catch Steve smirking. Steve has no idea what’s coming his way. And the next thing he knows, there’s a fist in his eye.

By the time Steve realizes what’s happened to him, Will’s shouting about how he needs to start pulling his own weight on projects and how he’s lucky this is all he got.

Will moves faster now. He has two more fish to fry and there can’t be much time left before the police show up. He busts in the door to his boss’ office and isn’t surprised to see Tracey with his boss, Mr. Clayton. No one speaks for a moment, then Mr.Clayton finally asks Will what he’s doing?

“Oh, this has been a long time coming,” Will replies.

Tracey is first. Will raises his hand with an open palm, he’s not a complete monster after all, and slaps her so hard it echoes.

“I’m sick of you alway stealing my work and passing it off as your own.”

Then, it’s the shocked Mr.Clayton’s turn—who promptly gets Will’s fist smashed into his nose for knowing about Tracey’s stealing habit, but not doing anything because of their “special relationship.”

With today’s “work” done, Will goes to the lobby and waits for the police and their punishment. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all over—and it was all worth it.

As Will sits there waiting patiently, he hears the vague humming of the Friends theme coming from the receptionist’s desk. He balls his fists up tightly…

punch art (1).jpg

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