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“He looked like a demon from the deepest pits of hell.”

demon face.jpg

The light was a brightness not of this world. Never before or since have I encountered something as incredible yet as ghastly as that iridescent horror. From a distance, the single beam of light pierced the pure blackness of the alley with a blinding white light. But as we neared the source of the horrid phosphorescence, the beam began to change into varying hues of red.

“You’ll need to put these on, sir,” Seif said.

The narrow corridor—the best word I can use to describe the alley, for I believed we may have entered a building while traveling through the darkness—had an irregular glow along the sides traveling about 50 feet from the source of the light. I looked over at Seif, and he was holding what looked like a padded blindfold.

I wasn’t sure if I could trust him or his intentions, but I took the cloth from him with an unsteady hand. I tried to calm my nerves, but nothing in this place seemed right. Even the air felt thicker—like I’d been running up a long flight of stairs and couldn’t catch my breath.

In the dark, with the slight glow spreading out from the ever-changing beam of light, I could tell Seif was boring a hole through me with his ceaseless gaze.

“We can go no further if you don’t put it on,” Seif said. His eyes stayed unblinking and his body was unusually still. It didn’t even appear as if he was breathing.

I tried speaking up in protest, but my body wouldn’t do what my brain wanted. I knew I should’ve ran the other way—streaked through the darkness like a wild bat until I reached the relative safety of the outside world—but I couldn’t. It was like I was under Seif’s spell and had to do as he commanded.

As I placed the blindfold upon my head, I took one last glance at Seif. His rigid figure stood in the dark while the reddish glow created grotesque lines and shadows on his youthful face. He looked like a demon from the deepest pits of hell. And just for a moment, as I was pulling the blindfold down over my eyes, I could’ve sworn I saw his face twist into a deformed shape; much like one of the freakish creatures painted along the walls.

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