“…and the Book of Lost Souls is aching to have my body return.”

“We can go in now,” Seif said.

He still showed no emotion. It was as if he were just a body being controlled by something else—something wicked. I managed to get back to my feet—making sure to keep an eye on him at all times. He didn’t even look at me, though. He just stared at the open door.

I couldn’t see through the blue light; it was simultaneously blinding in its brightness and impossibly dark. The sight made no sense to me. I felt as if I’d died and awoke in a nightmare. Then I remembered, I was still wearing the blindfold.

I grabbed the cloth tied snug over my eyes and started to pull up. But as I did, Seif let out a high-pitched shriek like the mythical banshees of folklore. No living creature or thing on this planet could make the noise he made that day. It startled me so much I crashed into the wall beside me in fright.

“You must never take off the blindfold or you will forever be stuck between worlds.” When he said this the light flashed back to the deep crimson color.

gates of hell

His words burrowed deep into my head. He didn’t open his mouth when he spoke them, and the voice wasn’t human; it sounded like thousands of voices speaking at once. The best word I can use to describe it is, ‘demonic.’ That’s when I noticed his eyes were entirely black.

“Let us now enter the Bazaar of The Blind.”

I didn’t want to follow him, but my feet moved on their own. And even though I was wearing a blindfold, I could still see the world unveiling before me. If only I could muster up the courage to describe to you what I saw that day. But I fear I may go mad if I try remembering too much detail. Then again, going mad doesn’t much bother me anymore. Not after I saw the world that awaits me after death.

What I do know is, just before I stepped across that doorway and left this plane of existence, I was wholly sane. But once I stepped into that red glow of death, I knew I would never be the same again. But I’m sane enough to be writing this down, praying it might reach the world so no other poor soul gets sucked into that world of horror and death.

But if I’m going to warn you properly, I must summon the strength to remember. I only hope you believe the rest of what I’m about to tell you. Hell, I don’t even know if I believe all of it. But it’s imperative that you heed my warning. For once you enter the Bazaar of The Blind, you never truly return.

And on that fateful day, I didn’t return. Sure, my body did. But my mind, my soul, it’s still trapped in that awful place—and the Book of Lost Souls is aching to have my body returned. That’s why it haunts me so. That’s why I dream of that place, even when I’m awake. And it all began the moment I stepped over the threshold into that world of madness and decay.

Even now, I can still feel the intense heat that washed over my body when I walked through the doorway. And what awaited me on the other side? A sea of morbid faces staring back at me. And none of them had eyes. All of them were…blind.

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