“A demon slaying good time.”

tales of mr rhee vol 2 art.jpg

What I really liked about this story is we get to see the events that occurred during the three days of darkness. When I was reading the first volume, it kept on referring to the three days of darkness. So it’s nice to see what actually happened.

When you find out what Mr. Rhee goes through in this story, it explains a good deal about the character and his motivations for what he does.

tales of mr rhee vol 2 art 2.jpg

When Mr. Rhee finds a family being attacked by demons on the highway, he steps in and protect the family. But it’s too late to save the partners and he gets stuck watching over their five kids. It was very interesting to see the interaction between Mr. Rhee and this group of kids as they try to find someplace safe—and believe me, it’s not easy-going.

Seth Damoose is the illustrator for this volume and this one is in color. If you’re not a fan of black and white, (like the previous volume) you may enjoy this one more from an art perspective.

tales of mr rhee vol 2 art 3.jpg

The art style for this is bit more cartoony, but it makes the action scenes fun to read. The panel layout is pretty cool and there’s a good mixture of multiple panel layouts throughout the book. There were only a few splash pages in the whole story; an interesting storytelling device in my opinion.

This was a very good follow-up in The Tales of Mr.Rhee series. A very well told story with great art. The back story written in the prose style was just as good as the main story—with a spotlight on some side characters.

tales of mr rhee vol 2 art 4.jpg

This has been one of my favorite new books out of the ones I’ve been reading the last few weeks. Mr. Rhee is such a cool character that you must check these books out—if you haven’t already.

Tales of Mr. Rhee Volume 2: Karmageddon gets:

4 Out of 5 Whiskey shots

tales of mr rhee vol 2 cover.jpg

Writer: Dirk Manning
Illustrator: Seth Damoose

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