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“…their mouths agape, and thick, leathery skin making them appear corpse-like.”

shadow monster 2

I could feel an evil presence unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was a kind of foreboding much akin to when I was once very sick as child. My mother had tucked me into bed and turned out the lights. As she took her leave, she closed the door behind her. That’s when I saw skeletal shadows dancing along the walls and ceiling. It felt like at any moment an unspeakable, evil, dark entity would come down and wrap me up in its spindly black arms. Of course, this was just the fevered delusions of a child, but the fear was real.

It was that same fear I felt as I first entered the bazaar. And while a part of me was curious about this new, unsettling place, I had a strong urge to escape back to the safety of the outside world. This place was unnatural—ungodly, even. And because of that urge, I tried going back through the door from which I entered. But when I turned around, the door had vanished—it was replaced by a flush stone wall which rose to the heavens and stretched along either side to infinity. There was no sign a door had ever existed.

Having no choice but to face the eyeless creatures once more, I turned back to see a hellish landscape sprawled out before me. There were vast hills of deep red—the hills being formed from piles upon piles of burnt wood and ash. There was no living vegetation in sight.

I couldn’t believe how vast the place was. It appeared to be endless as plumes of smoke escaped the burning piles as far as the eyes could see—reaching a horizon which formed a blackish haze. I knew by gazing upon this foreign world, the door I had entered had in fact been a portal to another realm. This “Bazaar of The Blind” was no market; it was a whole different plane of existence!

I tried my best to steady my nerves, but I felt as if something truly heinous was going to happen to me. Any sense of adventure I had escaped me the second I looked upon those eyeless creatures. Why had Seif taken me to such an abominable world?

My God! Seif. The revelation hit me like a cannonball to the chest; I’d forgotten about his presence entirely. I searched for him frantically, but he was nowhere to be found. He’d also vanished! I was alone. Well, not alone in a sense I was comfortable with.

I didn’t know what to do other than stand in front of the ancient stone wall. The creatures were still staring at me—or at least they were still facing me. I couldn’t tell if these creatures had a way of seeing without eyeballs. They remained unmoving, with their mouths agape, and thick, leathery skin making them appear corpse-like. And they all wore black garbs covering everything but their deformed heads. I wasn’t sure in that moment if these things were even alive, or if they were ever alive. I thought for a moment they might’ve been statues—if only that turned out to be true.

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shadow monster


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