4. Write Your Real Life Enemies Into a Story

This one is a lot of fun for me and probably my favorite entry on this list. There’s nothing like taking that one dipshit who does nothing at work and the most annoying customer of the day, and pit them against each other in a fight to the death—only to kill them both off anyway (in the story, of course). This will also put you in a better mood and make it easier to get more writing done.

Plus, you get to laugh whenever you see those people again in real life. Which makes the job less shitty. They have no idea they’ve been gruesomely melted in a vat of acid or forced to have sex with a flaming cactus. It might not teach them to stop eating other people’s lunches, but it will make you less likely to punch them in the face in real life.

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Speaking of punches to the face, Punch-Drunk, one of my recent 500 word stories, was written after a really terrible day at my job (when I got called a “nobody” by a manager). And writing it made me feel a lot better about life. Writing down your frustrations in a fun, creative way is wonderful for relieving stress and helping you move on with your day. Next time you have a bad time, try it out.

3. Use The Hatred of Your Job as Writing Motivation

This is probably the most important entry on this list. It’s a huge misstep if you’re not using the desire of getting out of the hell hole you call a cubicle as motivation to get the best out of your writing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my days doing what I’m doing now. Which is why I’m doing everything in my power to make my writing the best I can so I don’t have to put up with my current job anymore.

i quit.jpg

Motivation is one of the toughest aspects of the writing process. Many of us can’t seem to really get the ball rolling. We’re more like a slinky going down the stairs; we go at a steady rate for a little bit, then we just stop. This leads us scrambling to get the thing moving again.

But if you want to ditch the slinky style of writing and take on the rolling snowball, which gets bigger and bigger and goes faster and faster as it gains momentum, you’ll need to find your real motivation to write. And if you’re like me, you won’t have to look far.

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Being unsatisfied with your place in life should be more than enough motivation. And your job is usually the place to start. After all, we spend most of our waking moments at work. If you work a crappy job, you’ll feel as if you’re stuck in a rut. You need something to change but don’t know how. Here’s the answer to the change you’re looking for; your writing. It’s what makes you happy, so make it your job.

2. Use Your Down Time At Work on Your Writing

Something I like to do when I go on break is try to get a little writing done. Even if it’s just a paragraph, it’s progress. Or, if you don’t feel like writing, how about doing some editing. I can’t spell for shit, so I fix a lot of that with my free time at work. And if you don’t feel like doing that either, the least you could do is think about the details of a story. This way when you get home, all you have to do is put it on the page.


Another great tactic is finishing your daily tasks as quickly as possible and spending the rest of the day writing. This of course, only applies to certain jobs. But if you work at a place where you aren’t heavily monitored and are kind of left to your own devices, use it to your advantage.

Also, digital voice recorders can be a writer’s best friend. Even if you don’t have time to write at work, chances are pretty good you can speak out loud while working. Which means you can still “write” a story. You just have to do it through speaking into the recorder and writing the story down from the playback later. And if you aren’t allowed to use your phone as a recorder because your job has a no phone policy, there are plenty of other options online.

digital recorders.jpeg

1. Use Your Daily Experiences for Story Ideas

A cool thing you can do is take the stuff that happens to you throughout the day and use it for a story. Stuff like using a coworker’s personality traits for a character in your story. This will help make that character feel more real.

If you have to deal with the public and see a strange dude licking clothes hangers or something, try making up a back story for him. Not only will it be fun, but you could come up with something you could use later on in a story. Or if something interesting happens to you, you can twist it into a crazy story that people might want to read.

shark rider.jpg

You’re a writer, it’s your job to turn the mundane into fantasy. Do you stock shelves at a grocery store for a living? Maybe you found a dead mouse underneath a shelf once. Or maybe, it was actually a severed human head! And not just any head. It was the head of Mayor Kevin Scroater! Now the mafia and the FBI are after you.

See how quickly a mildly noteworthy part of your day can be turned into a wild story people would like to read? It doesn’t matter how boring your day was either. You can always find something to create ideas out of.


Well, that’s all I have for you on this topic. And if you take anything away from this article, it’s that no matter how bad your job is, you can create your dream life if you’re willing to put in the effort. Nothing worth having comes easy, and becoming a writer is no different.

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