“You matter—more than you know.”

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We live in a world where everyone tries so hard to fit in that they sacrifice the things which make them unique. Curiously, especially with things like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, these same people try to stand out from the crowd—they work hard to make themselves appear special and different from everyone else on social media. But they do it in the same way everyone else is doing it. They are still trying to fit in!

As an outside observer, it’s maddening. All these people put an immense amount of effort into how they appear to others online, but they don’t handle their real lives with the same tenacity. They slog through their daily lives as if they are wading through a pool full of mud, but they make sure to post regular pictures showing how “awesome” their lives are. That’s a backwards way of doing things.

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You should be making your real life as amazing as the pretend one you’re putting up on social media. And you can’t put a filter on the real world to make it better, either. You have to work hard and be unique. Yes, unique. Because unlike social media, being different from others in real life makes you more interesting and well-rounded.

Whether you like to read, write, knit, paint, watch movies, or whatever you’re passionate about, you need to express it to the world. Don’t hide the real version of yourself and put up a front you think other people will like. Who gives a damn what they like! It’s your life and you deserve to be happy.

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Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: how many wannabe Instagram models do you see sharing hundreds of butt selfies? They might get a lot of creepy followers, but do those followers know who those girls really are? Do they know their interest and passions? Hell, do they even know what their faces look like?

And that way of thinking is all over social media; people boxing themselves into a “gimmick” or persona. They are afraid to show their true selves for fear of losing that steady stream of mighty “likes.” But here’s the thing, those likes aren’t real. They don’t mean anything.

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What’s real is how you feel about yourself and what you do. What’s real are the opinions of the people closest to you in the real world. Sure, there’s money to be made online. And if making money through social media is your ultimate goal, fine. Go ahead and show your ass until you’re blue in the face. But remember, there’s more to you than an online persona.

The real you matters, too. Not just how others view you, but how you view yourself. You don’t need the validation of strangers to feel better; you need to be able to love yourself. You must realize how special and unique you really are.

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For instance, I started this site because I like writing. I like sharing my writing. And I like reading other people’s writing. This is my passion, but it’s no online persona. I’m the same way in the real world. I talk about writing with anyone who’s interested. I don’t care how they view me. This is one of the things that makes me unique and I embrace it.

And that’s what you need to do in your life; embrace the things that make you unique. This is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Yes, you can still share pictures of your “fabulous dessert” if it makes you happy. But don’t forget to share what you’re really about. Because that’s what people will be interested in.

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