Hell invaded Earth for three days – and then it suddenly stopped. Or did it? Mr. Rhee knows there are still monsters left behind among the survivors of the “Three Days of Darkness,” and he’s willing to take extreme measures to prove the world is not as safe as it seems. Who can you trust in a post-rapture world? Only Mr. Rhee knows for sure… or does he?

mr rhee 3 art.jpg

We’re back again with another Dirk Manning book. This volume takes place in the present time (after the previous volume which was during the three days of darkness).

We also get to know Brad Thomson a bit more in this one, and I think he’s starting to become one of my favorite characters of the series. We also find out a little bit more about The P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Group and how they handle their business.

mr rhee 3 art 2

I’ve been digging Tales of Mr. Rhee (obviously, since this is my third review of the series) so much since I picked up the first three volumes back during Wizard World Cleveland.

The writing has been so spot on throughout all of the stories—and this volume is no different. I feel like I really know Mr. Rhee, even though at times he’s not very forthcoming about his thoughts and feelings. But he’s such a great character that you end up liking him anyway.

mr rhee.jpgThere’s an awesome team of artists on this volume, with each issues having it’s own team working on the issue. All the artists involved in this project bring their A-game for sure.

Since there are different artist throughout this volume, every issue has its own unique look—which fits very well with the story being told in that issue. The art styles range from realistic to more of a cartoony look; so whatever your art preference, you’ll find it here.

mr rhee 3 art 3.jpg

As always, the prose style story in the back of the trade is a lot of fun. And speaking of writing, what I’ve been most enjoying about these stories is how you get to find out more back story of Mr. Rhee and Brad Thomson as you go along.

Also, the last issue of this volume does a good job of foreshadowing what might be in the next installment. Which makes me unbearably excited to get my hands on it. Fortunately, the fourth volume should be coming out shortly (or is already out, depending on when you’re reading this).

mr. rhee 3

I’m really looking forward to reading the next volume. But at the same time, I’m a little anxious about reading it too soon—knowing that if there’s a fifth volume, it probably won’t be out until next year.

But I guess there’s nothing one can do about it. That’s the way of the Indie comic business. I guess I’m just going to have to read more of Dirk Manning’s work. I’m sure Lord Cthulhu won’t mind.


The third volume of tales of Mr.Rhee gets…

4 out of 5 whiskey shots

Four Out of Five Whiskey Shots

mr. rhee 3 cover.jpg

All Books Written by
Dirk Manning

Book One Art by
Alessandro de Fornasari
Marianna Pescosta

Book Two Art by
Seth Damoose
Colored by
Anthony D. Lee

Book Three Art by
Austin McKinley
Colored by
Anthony D. Lee

Book Four Art by
Leonard O’Grady
Colored by
Leonard O’Grady

Book Five Art by
Howie Noel
James Reddington
Colored by
Anthony D. Lee
Howie Noel

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