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“The creatures were relentless in their blind barrage upon my body.”

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I’d suddenly become hyper aware of the menacing figures stirring around me. The eyeless creatures of an ancient race which should no longer exist. They hurried about with such great haste that they kicked up huge puffs of the reddish black dust into the air—causing the already hazy atmosphere of the bazaar to become opaque.

This further instilled a sense of dread in me as I knew there’d be no way of finding Seif among the crowd and thick ashen smog. Luckily, this also meant the horrible mongoloids wouldn’t be able to spot me so easily as an outsider. Then again, I wasn’t all too sure how they were able to sense my presence before among the chaos of the bazaar—as they had no eyes and they couldn’t possibly of heard Seif and I walking through the endless crowds of “people.”

Either way, the only thing on my mind was how to enact a possible escape back to the real world. I knew the entrance to the realm had since vanished—only to be replaced by a mysterious and insurmountable wall. The dead hills of burnt vegetation and smoking rubble stretched on for what appeared to be infinity in all directions. And even the bazaar itself was a place of unnatural size and direction. I was stuck.

Panic set in. The creatures around me spoke only in a guttural, alien language. There was nothing I could do or any place I could go to escape the nightmare. I felt like a lone sailor trapped on a sinking ship at deep-sea. I had to find Seif.

Easier said than done. He had been engulfed by the massive crowd while I was entranced by the evil statue of Yelzamouth. My only course of action was to fight through the never-ending swarms of the eyeless creatures and try to catch up with him. I thought maybe if I were lucky he might’ve stopped somewhere and was looking for me.

The hard, bony limbs of the creatures thumped into me over and over as I forced my way through the crowd. It felt like I was being smacked over and over with varying lengths and widths of bamboo. The creatures were relentless in their blind barrage upon my body. Of course, I felt they didn’t mean any harm. But my judgement of their grotesque and terror inducing appearance made me wary of their intentions. For all I knew, they could’ve been a harmless species. But I found I was in no position to stop and test my luck.

It was slow going through the crowds. I did my best to keep my head down and avoid confrontation with any of the creatures. The “merchants” continued to hiss and screech for my attention, but I paid them no mind. My only goal was to find Seif and get the hell out of that nightmare world.

I probably walked for no less than 30 minutes before I stopped to assess the situation. By that point I’d traveled so far into the bazaar that I could no longer see the entrance, nor the smoking hills of the deserted wasteland the bazaar seemingly resided in—like a lone island surrounded by volcanic lava. It was truly a frightening feeling looking around and realizing I may be stuck there for the rest of my life. After all, the chances of finding Seif among the massive crowd was nearly impossible.

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