A book about no nonsense, independent, ass kicking women. What’s not to love?

popova art.jpg

POPOVA is an action/drama about a group of discontented women who band together to wage war against their male oppressors. When a moral dilemma causes one of the oldest members of the group to go into hiding, her young protege, an ardent believer in their violent feminist code, takes it upon herself to uncover the truth behind her mentor’s betrayal. — Synopsis via Comic Crusaders

The reviews I’ve been doing recently are generally trades with a whole story or arc of an ongoing series. So, with this being a review of just a first issue, it may not be as in depth as the last couple of reviews I’ve done. But that doesn’t take away from how cool of a comic this is.

popova art2.jpg

The writers don’t wait to get into the thick of things with this first issue. Right off the bat the action starts to to go down and is very reminiscent of Kill Bill. After the protagonist Scarlet Rose gets home from her most recent job, (as an assassin) she walks in on Sadie Mars, Scarlet’s protege, holding her boyfriend captive.

Sadie’s mission is to take Scarlet back to The Madame (their boss) to pay for her crimes against the group of violent feminist. The purpose of this group is to wage a war against their male oppressors, which Scarlet was a founding member of.

sadie mars

Their strict ideological code forbids them from killing women and being romantically involved with men. Which makes for some interesting drama and causes the characters to question their beliefs. I think this makes for a solid foundation as the story moves forward. There are so many ways the writers can take the story with the drama they’ve set up in this first issue.

The art for Popova is by Yasmin Liang and is really well done. I really like how all the women in this series actually look like women; they don’t have ridiculous features like pin-up models or the unnaturally built women of countless mainstream comics.

Looks like someone stole some cantaloupes.

Each character has their own distinct look about them. Yasmin also does a great job of telling a story through the art. I’d recommend the book just for the art if the story wasn’t so much fun.

Popova #1 was a pretty good read and has a cool premise for the story. It’s hard to judge a series off a single issue, but I’d like to see where this ends up going. And just judging from this first issue, it seems like it will be pretty interesting.

popova logo.jpeg

I’m giving Popova Issue 1…

4 out of 5 whiskey shots

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots

popova cover.jpg

Popova #1
Written by: Dre Torres and Alex Valdes
Artist: Yasmin Liang

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