The Grand Show

Step right up, step right up,
And step right in too.
I welcome you heartily
Into this grand wonder,
Into this grand mystery:
This grand canyon of misery
Whose sights remain unseen,
Unseen and unclean
And on a rare occasion mean.
But the past has passed
And the future is upon you,
So if you’re brave enough, open up,
While I feast my eyes upon you,
Up and down and side to side,
Into places you can’t hide.
I’ll stare the sorrow into you,
I’ll scare tomorrow out of you,
But of course, it’s up to you.
You can do an about face,
Away from this place
Whose sights remain unseen,
Except for those who dare to dream.
Yet a dream for some, is not to some,
A nightmare, for some, that makes them undone.
The sum of that some?
That sum, I don’t know.
I know only the show,
And the show wants to be shown.
So onto the show without further ado,
Oh what should I do, with me or with you?
I’m a lost cause, but you’re what the cause lost,
Inside I just tossed a little piece of the frost,
That guards the main entry,
Like an ice-cold sentry,
Who keeps those who want in out,
And those who want out in,
What a delightful sin you’re within.
You asked to be here, remember that whim?
So anyway, inside if you look to your left
–Oh don’t look so bereft, you have lots of life left–
To the left you’ll find evil, destruction and doom,
Look at them wave, they’re waving at you ….
You should wave back, otherwise you’d be rude
Being rude to evil–a bad choice to choose.
And if you choose that choice, you choose to lose,
You’ll lose your neck first, unsettling news.
The news may be unsettled, but better that than you,
C’mon we’ve meddled enough, it’s time to move.
Move through some hallways, fairways, and airways,
You get a lot for you buck up in this place nowadays.
Now look to your right,
–Don’t put up a fight–
Look at you fight like you’ve got some might,
What? You don’t like what you see on the right?
Not enough might for you to fight this fight,
Wrong place, wrong time, wrong idea of right.
You’re causing a scene, a sinister sight,
I spy with my eye a fight on this night,
Oh, this is serious, I shouldn’t make light.
Well, if you’re going to act like a tyke,
I’ll turn this car back around, all right?
I’m joking of course, I’m not changing course,
Or feeling remorse for closing the doors.
This show in my head is closed as of now,
I really wanted to show you around,
And show you the crazy things that abound,
Like the killer clowns that are clowning around,
But you did it now, you shut it all down.
But I can’t let you leave
–well, not with that frown–
So turn that frown now upside down,
That’s better–Oh! Time to scribble you now.
Sorry, but maybe if you weren’t so rude,
I wouldn’t have had to do away with you.
So say goodbye to this canyon of misery,
Apparently it’ll be the last thing you ever see.
You shouldn’t have acted so badly, so blatantly.
You never should have wondered,
What goes on during editing.

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