A hard-hitting comic full of emotion and intensity.

the shepherd art.jpg

This comic series is about loss and the struggle to get through the pain and suffering that comes along with it. Lawrence Miller loses his son Val unexpectedly due to a drug overdose at a friend’s party. This hits the remaining family members pretty hard, but Lawrence especially so. He keeps on having a feeling that his son has not moved on in the afterlife—that he’s stuck somewhere and needs his help.

The feeling is so strong that he pretty much shuts out his wife and two remaining children by burying himself in his work as a religious scholar. This eventually leads to him coming up with a drastic idea to help his son; Lawrence decides he has to die to find his lost son.

Spoiler Alert

After Lawrence’s death, he finds himself in the Seam—which is kind of the between place you go before you move on to the afterlife. In the Seam, Lawrence is greeted by his own father who tries to warn him that looking for his son isn’t a good idea. But after a heated argument, Lawrence’s dad gives him the Staff of Truth; this gives him powers for the rest of the series. When he gets back to Earth he befriends what appears to be a demon wolf name Legio.

The Art from Ryan Showers fits perfectly with this story. It has a very crisp look to it and has immaculate line work. The detail in this comic is well done without having the page crammed with a lot of stuff—which can sometimes make it hard to tell what going on. But don’t fear, there’s none of that in this comic.

the shepherd art 2.jpg

Heather Breckel really uses great colors to make the art pop in this series, and that adds a whole new level to the comic. I also like that it’s a father and son co-writing this comic. Especially considering the story plot.

The nice thing about reviewing this comic was that it was the first five issues. A lot of times with indie books you only get one or two issues to review, which makes it hard to tell how the rest of the story will go. To see how this story arc ended made the comic that much more enjoyable to read. Plus it has me hoping there’s a lot more to come with this series.

the shepherd art 3.jpg

I’m giving The Shepherd…

4 out of 5 whiskey shots

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots

the shepherd cover.jpg

The Shepherd: Issues 1-5
Publisher: Caliber Comics
Writers: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Roberto Xavier Molinari
Pencils/Inks: Ryan “Score” Showers
Colors: Heather Breckel

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