“It was such a weird, foreboding feeling.”

alone in water.jpg

I always liked to get the window seat on a plane. Especially on the long distance flights like today; I’m on my way to Australia. The good old outback where everything can kill you—just because it can. The best part, it’s for business. So I don’t have to pay for anything. It’s the best way to fly.

I’m kind of surprised the flight wasn’t completely booked up; I would say it might be a little over 50% full. Oh well, more peanuts for me. The take off went without a hitch, and I couldn’t wait to go down under. It’s my first time visiting Australia.

The first in-flight movie was not to my liking—something about the rapture and people being taken to heaven—so I ate my bland meal and took a nap. It was a fast one, though; no more than half an hour, tops. But I swear, after I woke up there were fewer people on the plane than before. But that couldn’t be right.

I figured I must’ve still been partially asleep and my eyes were playing tricks on me. I decided to read my book and not think about how stupid the whole idea was. I mean, did a bunch of people just jump out like army paratroopers? Yeah, right!

But while I was reading, I just couldn’t shake the feeling there were less people on the plane. It was such a weird, foreboding feeling. I couldn’t concentrate on my book anymore, so I took a quick head-count just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. That’s when it hit me like sledgehammer to the face; there were only 20 people left. I knew for sure there was more than that when we took off.

I couldn’t understand why no one else seemed freaked out by the disappearing act of our fellow passengers. It was like nobody even noticed. I decided to ask the stewardess what was going on—like she could give me a reasonable explanation anyway.

I looked all around but I couldn’t find her anywhere on the nearly empty jet. What the hell was going on? I had to figure it out. But then something else hit me, and it took precedence over anything else.

The cheap airline food had given me a wicked rumbling in my stomach, and I needed to remedy the situation immediately. As I walked to the back I kept an eye out for any flight attendants, but none could be found walking the empty aisles. Things just kept getting stranger and stranger.

After I finished up in the restroom I went back to the cabin. And to my horror, everyone was gone. I just stood there for a few minutes in shock. I’m not sure how long I would have stayed in that one spot if the plane didn’t veer forward and knock me to the ground. Knowing I had to act quickly, I stumbled my way to the cockpit.

And that’s the situation I’m in now. The door to the cockpit is locked, but after a good couple of kicks it pops open—and just like the rest of the plane, it’s empty. I sit down in one of the pilot seats at the control panel, but there’s nothing I can do.

The plane suddenly takes a steeper nose dive and hurls me into the controls. The ocean is getting closer and closer. I’m finished. So, I figure I might as well just sit here against the windshield and wait for the end. At least I have a good view.


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