Bloody and awesome. What more could you ask for?

scratcher art.png

Scratcher is a horror comic about a tattoo artist whose scratch tattoos (a form of tattoos where you actually cut the design into the skin with a blade) come to life and take over the person who received the tattoo. Dee wanted to be a painter, but much to her dismay, that never happened. So she became a tattoo artist to make a living. It’s unknown as of yet why Dee’s tattoos are coming to life and taking over the host. But it sure creates a cool story.

I really like this story and the concept behind its creation; it’s quite unique and creepy. If you really think about it, people get some weird stuff for tattoos now a days. So imagine if those weird tattoos made a person go crazy and or demonic. It makes for a kickass comic.

scratcher art 2.png

In this first issue we find out that Dee’s friend Sarah is possessed by the tattoo Dee has given her. This causes Sarah to do some horrific crimes and long story short, things don’t end too well for poor Sarah.

Ever though it’s just one issue so far, you really get a feeling of who Dee is as a person. This personal investment with the character has held my interest to see what she does next.

scratcher art 3.png

This is a black and white comic, which works really well with the way Juan Romera uses it to set the tone of the book. Everything seems to have its place; nothing gets lost in the background or looks likes it’s there just to take up space. The style of art for this comic has kind of a cartoonish look to it, but has a realistic bend with the shading of the black and gray tones.

I’m not really sure where this comic is heading, but I’m sure it’ll keep you on your toes throughout the series. And there’s a lot more story to be told when Dee gets a call from another one of her former clients who lives in Las Vegas.

scratcher art 4.png

Something happens to Dee in this issue which let’s her take the easy way out in solving her evil Sarah problem. With that problem out of the equation but others on the horizon, it should make for some very gruesome stories down the road.

I’m giving Scratcher #1…

4 out of 5 whiskey shots

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots

Screenshot (8).png

Scratcher #1
Created by John Ward, Juan Romera
Written by John Ward
Art/Covers Juan Romera

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