Vigilance was discovered on our planet in a crater that smashed into our planet. She was instantly tested a prodded for the EHD(Extra Human Division) to support the worlds greatest hero Justice. Once Justice fell and the other heroes disappeared she was rushed into action. She brought down Nemesis; Justice’s killer but could not get there in time to save Justice. Over time she has taken her place as the Strongest hero in the world. She has no secret identity due to her being a full time hero that partners up with Hotshot on several occasions. All too soon the questions of her Origin and where she came from will come to endanger her new found home.

vigilance art.png

If you were a fan of the HotShot review I did a while back, you should definitely check this title out; it’s part of that shared universe, and it does a wonderful job of expanding and showing off that universe. This title also did a great job of showing us Vigilance’s origin.

This was a really fun first two issues with some cool story ideas. The first issue gives a good bit of backstory, but was done in a way that didn’t seem forced. The second issue is more action-oriented and has some pretty awesome fight scenes in it. And by the end of the second issue you get completely sucked in by a final reveal that seems like it will lead to a really enthralling story.

Screenshot (10).png

There’s a different artist for each one of these issues—both of them have their own strengths and bring something original to the book. The first issue had more of a realistic style to it, while the second issue had a little bit more of a cartoonish feel. The panel layouts for both were pretty unique and really shined when it came to the action scenes.

If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed the first two issues of this comic series. Both the art and plot were really solid and together told an interesting story. Add that to what they introduced at the end of the second issue and you have me wanting more of this story—and wanting it now.

Screenshot (11).png

Vigilance issues 1 and 2 get…

whiskey shots

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots


Created by: Michael Watson
Written by: Micah Cox
Art by: Val Nogueira/Mel Joy San Juan
Colors by: Veronica Smith
Letters by: Danny Cooper


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