Macon Marshall, an everyday, ordinary farmhand finds himself trapped in a fatal fire with his trusted friend, Madeline “Maddy” Maple. After Macon suddenly vanishes without a trace, Maddy is left as the only survivor and the only one capable of picking up his trail.  As her search goes on, she soon finds herself in an epic confrontation with the arrival of a Strange, Mysterious “Metal-Man”, a being whose peculiar behavior seems somehow familiar… Is there a connection between this Cosmic Creature and Macon Marshall? Who is the Man who waits for him in Eighth City? What TRULY happened during the fire that started it all? Was it an accident or planned? And what does the Mysterious Metal-Man’s appearance herald for the rest of the 819 Universe?

Synopsis via 819 Comics official website.

mister marsh cover 3.jpg

We normally give a review and a one-to-five rating for the comics we cover, but we felt there wasn’t quite enough material yet with there only being two issues of this series out. So we decided it best to do a general write-up on the two issues for now.

We found this particular comic at this year’s Sci Fi Valley Con in Altoona PA. The creators of Mister Marsh are a husband and wife duo—with the husband Nathan taking care of the story and art duties while his wife Stacie does the colors.

Mister Marsh Creators.jpgThe story opens up with a barn engulfed in flames. Trapped inside are the two main characters, Macon Marshall and Madeline “Maddy” Maple. As they frantically try to escape they find all the exits are sealed off except a window on the top floor. Only Maddy makes it out before the floor collapses–leaving Macon smothered by the flaming debris of the barn.

In the morning Sheriff Aikins investigates the crime scene: there’s no trace of Macon’s body anywhere– which leads to one of the big mysteries of the series. This isn’t the only strange occurrence happening in the town either; there’s been sightings of weird lights in the sky.


The sheriff must investigate these sightings which leaves Maddy alone. With the sheriff gone she decides to head back to town. This is when she encounters her own weird light in the sky in the way of something falling and heading straight for her.

Spoiler Alert

This is how we get introduced to Mister Marsh; a being that somehow appears to have Macon’s mind inside of it. This new body has some incredible powers–which aren’t all revealed in the story as of yet.


As they continue their journey back to town, they come across a group of people who have been infected with something. This infection has given them their own powers–which leads to a huge brawl.

A new character, The Locksmith, gets introduced and is a shadowy character who seems to have something to do with all the strangeness going on. While his intentions aren’t yet clear, I’m sure we’ll find more about him and his plans as the series progresses forward.


The second issue ends with a pretty big Cliffhanger. I won’t spoil it for you; you’ll just have to read it for yourself. But what I will say is that if you’re looking for a bit of a strange, kind of out there story to read, you should give this a try.

mister marsh cover.jpg

Story, art, inks- Nathan Pinsoneault
Colors- Stacie Pinsoneault

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