If you weren’t able to watch the above video, I’ll break it down real quick for you fine folks. Comic Book Girl 19, a popular YouTube personality and channel about comics, movies, and books, is having her first meeting of the Dune Book Club this coming Sunday.

Comic Book Girl 19 is very entertaining and has done something incredible by getting so many people excited for this book club. Now, I always wanted to read Dune. I also really enjoy CBG19’s channel. Which means this was a perfect opportunity to read Dune while supporting her work.

Image result for comic book girl 19 gif

She does an amazing job with her work and puts a lot of effort into creating quality content. So even though I could’ve bought a cheap copy of Dune and still been a part of the book club, I was more than happy to buy it from her to support her channel.

Of course, you do get some other goodies if you bought a copy of Dune from her. She made a cool Spice Malange necklace, a pin, a custom bookmark, and she signed every copy of Dune—which was a lot! So kudos for sitting down and signing hundreds, if not thousands of books. Most people wouldn’t have gone through the effort.

Dune Club

For those unfamiliar, you might be asking, “What is Dune, anyway?” Well, Dune is pretty much the king of sci-fi novels. It’s the book all other sci-fi strive to be. The author, Frank Herbert, created an amazing and totally immersive world. Here’s a quick synopsis of the plot.

In the far future, humanity has eschewed advanced computers in favor of adapting their minds to be capable of extremely complex tasks. Much of this is enabled by the spice melange, which is only found on the planet Arrakis, a desert planet with only giant sandworms as its native lifeform. Melange improves general health, extends life and can bestow limited prescience, and its rarity makes it a form of currency in the planetary empire. Melange enables specially trained Mentats to perform mental computations, allows the Spacing Guild’s Navigators to safely route faster-than-light travel between planets, and helps the Reverend Mothers of the matriarchal Bene Gesserit to access their Other Memory, the ego and experiences of their female ancestors.


While I’m not going to go into great detail of the book as this is the first time I’m reading it, I am really enjoying where it’s going so far. I think the Dune Club idea was awesome. And by the outpouring of support I’ve seen online, I think many others do as well.

If you’re interested in joining Dune Club but didn’t get the memo before now, don’t worry—all you need is a copy of Dune to be involved. Preferably the mass produced copy you see in the picture above—that way you can follow along with the group.

dune planets.jpg

Anyway, thank you Comic Book Girl 19 for creating this club. I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to reading Dune if this opportunity wasn’t present. See you all at the first meeting!

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