“She yanked open the dryer door and peered inside. It was like staring into a black hole.”


“I hate coming here. I swear I lose something every time,” Linda said to herself while holding up three mismatched socks. The Sudsy Bubble, a 24/7 laundromat, is the only place she can go to do her laundry. With a ratty car on the verge of blowing at any moment, her choices of laundromats are slim pickings. Sudsy just so happens to be a few blocks from her house.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think my clothes disappear on purpose,” she said to the man at the dryer next to her.

“Ya, shit happens I guess,” he replied, not really acknowledging her.

It’s been over a week since Linda last washed her clothes. And with as hot as the weather has been, she’s way past due. Problem is, Linda just finished working a double at the diner and is super exhausted. But if she doesn’t do a load now, she’ll be wearing yesterday’s dirty panties tomorrow—a thought that thoroughly grosses her out.

She doesn’t mind doing laundry this late at night, though. It’s peaceful and there aren’t any perverts around to watch her put her underwear away. Of course, it can be hard not to fall asleep between loads. Which in this neighborhood can be very dangerous. And as the clock nears midnight, that’s the exact position she finds herself in.

With the loud buzzer of the dryer going off next to her head, Linda shot out of her chair like a bullet. Realizing there wasn’t anyone else in the laundromat, she regained her composure and started sorting through more clothes. All she could think about was going home and falling into her nice, soft bed. Unfortunately, she still had one more load to fold.

After one last frantic shuffling and folding of clothes, it looked as if she could finally go home and sleep. Even though she had to be up for work again in a few hours, she cherished the thought of getting some shut eye. But she couldn’t leave just yet. She was missing her favorite jeans.

“Oh, what the hell!” She yanked open the dryer door and peered inside. It was like staring into a black hole. “What the fu—”

From the unusual blackness she could make out a small flap of fabric coming from the back. But as soon as she went to grab it a loud buzzing reverberated from deep within the dryer. It sounded like the same noise that woke her up earlier.

She leaned in deeper and her fingertips just touched the fabric before it shot back a few more inches. The buzzing grew louder as she reached even further—her whole body almost in the dryer now. Then out of nowhere a blinding light engulfed the cavernous dryer—completely swallowing Linda in its otherworldly white hue.

Just as quickly as it came, the light receded back into the darkness. Leaving only a near empty dryer in the quiet laundromat. Linda never showed up to work the next day. A missing person’s investigation took place not long after. But the only thing the detectives could find were a basket of freshly folded clothes and three mismatched socks sitting inside an empty dryer.

laundry wallpaper.jpg

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